VF AU October Specials 

Welcome to October, vape fam! We are ready for a new month of great savings and delicious vape juices, so hopefully, you’re down with the action we’ve got coming at ya. Great things are in store with our Juice of the Month, Blend of the Month, and our monthly Contest Winner, so read on to learn about all the awesome deals ahead! All we gotta say is, it’s going to be delicious!

October Juice of the Month

Our Juice of the Month for October is seriously SO Joosy. This flavor tops anything else that may even come remotely close to the definition of juicy! None other than the crowd-pleaser extraordinaire, VaporFi Joosy Vape Juice is the Juice of the Month, and you bet this one is on serious special. This flavor is comprised of a mouthful of sweet, airy bubble gum with the additions of strawberry and kiwi to keep that candy essence going strong. It’s not just bubble-icious; it’s the fruitiest, juiciest bubblegum taste ever. All month long, you get the chance to grab massive 100ML bottles of this juice for just AU $26.39. Talk about a steal! We totally urge you to grab a few bottles while it’s going at this awesome price, you guys!

October Blend of the Month

The spirit of October is always “pink” and we love to show our dedication to the cause. Our Blend of the Month has been especially dedicated to all things “pink,” and it offers up a truly delicious experience. Go Pink Vape Juice is a sweet, refreshing taste that combines the crisp, clean flavors of watermelon and cherry with the tingly, cool essence of menthol for a wildly enjoyable vape. This amazing blend will be priced at just AU $15.83 for the entire month of October, so we hope you grab a bottle or two and delight in its unique flavor. Above all, October is the month to “Go Pink” so do it in style with our Blend of the Month!

October Contest Winner

Our customers are dope and the blends they create are nothing short of marvelous. Every month, we honor these creations and crown a new Contest Winner. Because highlighting a new customer-created blend is the best way to share the genius blends you guys come up with! This month, the October Contest Winner is a truly scrumptious one, offering decadence like nothing else. As both a breakfast vape and a dessert vape, it offers the best of both worlds. SweetD’Light Vape Juice is comprised of Chocolate Delight, Blueberry Blast, and Belgian Waffle vape juices, presenting the perfect balance of sweet and airy, with a touch of fresh fruit to make it perfectly well-rounded. This one was an obvious winner; one vape and you’ll understand its power! All through the month, you can score this winning flavor for just AU $15.83; so get a few bottles and savor the goodness!

October is set to be awesome, vape fam! So go check out our Juice of the Month, our Blend of the Month, and October’s Contest Winner. These juices are sure to rock your world and the savings will certainly make you smile. Vape on, vape fam!


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