This week, our Deal of the Week is awesome and it’s all about making vaping work for you! It offers up a really cool starter kit, centered around an excellent mod: the VaporFi VEX 75 TC Vape Mod, while as a bundle, the kit comes with a great assortment of products that make the experience complete. So head on over and check it out; normally priced at $294.29, right now you can score this bundle for 10% off while it’s the Deal of the Week. Remember, this deal will only last one week, so grab it while you can!

About the VEX 75

VaporFi VEX® 75 TC Starter Kit

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The VaporFi VEX 75 TC Starter Kit Bundle is no ordinary starter kit. This bundle includes everything needed to have a solid experience while offering the option to choose your tank and customize a vape juice flavor to your exact preferences. Simply, this is the ultimate starter kit that enables you to have exactly what you want from a setup that caters to vape experiences of all varieties.

VaporFi VEX® 75 TC Tank

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To start with, the VEX 75 TC Vape Mod was made for supreme convenience and portability. It features a trim design with a bold, clear OLED display that gives all the details you need with easy navigation. Lightweight yet thoroughly durable, you can take this mod just about anywhere with ease, which makes it ideal for travel and those with busy lives. This mod gets its power via a single high-capacity 18650 battery, which comes included in this starter kit. With a max wattage of 75 watts and Temperature Control, the VEX 75 supports SS316L, N1200, and Kanthal coil options.

VaporFi VEX® 75 TC Starter Kit Box

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What’s Included?

One thing all users rave about when it comes to the VaporFi VEX 75 TC Starter Kit Bundle is how versatile the package is. You get to choose between the VaporFi Vibe Tank, the VaporFi Volt 2 Tank, and the VaporFi Viper Tank, which each provide a unique experience for a personalized fit. The Vibe Tank features 3.5ml capacity, with concentration on full flavor and incredible airflow. The Volt 2 Tank offers simplicity and convenience with its easy performance and 4ml capacity. The Viper Tank is all about sub ohm performance with its massive vapor capabilities and 4ml capacity.

Topping off this amazing bundle is the ability to customize a bottle of VaporFi vape juice, in your preferred specifications. You get to choose the number of delicious flavors (up to 3), the size of the bottle (30 or 60ml), the PG/ VG ratio, and the nicotine level, because there’s nothing better than vaping with a liquid that has been custom-made for you!

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Overall, this is one of the hottest Deals of the Week yet, coming in at an amazing price. As far as starter kits go, the VaporFi VEX 75 TC Starter Kit Bundle is a killer package, and with 10% off, you get a phenomenal setup that caters to your exact needs. An awesome mod made for performance; your choice of a fabulous tank to propel the vaping further; a bottle of custom-blended vape juice and batteries are included; what more could you ask for in a starter kit? So start shopping, vape fam; this deal is going to last just one week and it should not be missed!

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