These days, e-cigarettes are flooding into retail shops at an ever quickening pace, and it’s getting harder to tell them all apart. Fortunately, certain brand names have been recognized for their quality manufacturing and dependability among vapers. VaporFi happens to have a strong reputation for selling some of the most reliable e-cigarettes ever introduced.

Here’s the rundown of our top five best selling e-cigarettes of all time.

The VaporFi Express Starter Kit Bundle

VaporFi Express Starter Kit Bundle

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The VaporFi Express Starter Kit was designed to be the quintessential electronic cigarette a cut above the rest. The look and feel of the Express is almost just like smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, you’ll notice that this device uses mini-clearomizer tanks as well as pre-filled cartridges. These mini-tanks make it possible to swap out flavors or refill your e-juice whenever you want. The mouthpiece is designed to fit comfortably between the lips, and this thing is tuned to the ideal temperature and wattage range so you get a full puff of vapor every time without too much heat. For those who are just learning to vape, the Express is an excellent choice because of its simple setup and intuitive functions. With the use of pre-filled cartridges the Express is perfect for first-time users. If you feel you need a little bit more from the Express, you can even spring for the High Capacity battery.

The VaporFi Power Cig

VaporFi Power Cig

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The VaporFi Power Cig offers a new kind of power and stability for vapers. This battery pack is permanently connected to a 1.5m USB cord which allows you to vape constantly at home or at the office. The Power Cig replaces your regular battery so you can keep your batteries charged up for travel, and use the USB cord when you’re stationary. It’s also perfect for keeping in your car to make it through your daily commute. The Power Cig relies on automatic draw technology so you can simply draw in without having to worry about pressing a button. The 808D-2 connector allows you to utilize your Express pre-filled cartridges or your mini-clearomizers so you can have as much versatility as you need.

The Classic Tobacco Express Bundle

Classic Tobacco Express Bundle

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The Classic Tobacco Express Bundle has always been one of our customer favorites here at VaporFi. It features the same great VaporFi Express starter kit with both the standard and high capacity batteries, alongside our authentic Classic Tobacco e-liquid. This bundle was designed specifically for first time vapers who are searching for a true tobacco flavor to make their transition taste and feel familiar. This bundle comes with a pack of five pre-filled cartridges. You get to choose the nicotine strength of your liquid between 0-24mg.

The Mighty Menthol Bundle

Mighty Menthol Bundle

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For those with a penchant for menthol flavors, the Mighty Menthol bundle is the answer. Instead of Classic Tobacco, this bundle comes with the infamous Mighty Menthol e-liquid. These super icy menthol cartridges are the perfect solution to help any menthol smoker get over the hump. This particular flavor has been touted as one of the most accurate menthol juices available. Choose your nicotine strength or purchase your own refillable cartridges to change things up later on.


VAIO GO Starter Kit

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The VAIO Go by VaporFi is a step up from simple cig-a-like devices. This device includes a top notch built in tank that delivers unmatched power and vapor density. The all-in-one nature of this device makes it simple to carry with you wherever you go. It is not quite as trim as the Express, but still offers single button operation and intuitive design. It has a significantly larger battery capacity and e-liquid capacity so you can travel farther between recharges. In addition, the VAIO Go is one of VaporFi’s most colorful devices, so you can choose from six incredible colors in a shiny metallic finish. The top-fill design and LED indicators make it simple to use this device without any specialized training. This is also one of the best entry-level devices for exploring different styles of vaping. The kit comes with both a mouth-to-lung mouthpiece and a direct lung mouthpiece plus multiple atomizer options so you can find the perfect balance for your vaping needs. The VAIO Go is a great place to start experimenting with personalization of your vaping experience.

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These five starter kits really put VaporFi on the map, and have continued to be top sellers year after year. The VAIO Go is among the newest products released by VaporFi, but features a culmination of years of engineering and design to deliver impeccable vapor quality. Whether you’re just getting started or you want something that will help you expand your vaping horizons, VaporFi has exactly what you need. Don’t forget to check out other Express cartridges and bottled e-juices so you can taste the full selection of e-liquid flavors available as well.

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