This week, our Deal of the Week is promising a whole lot of simplicity, along with a highly enjoyable level of performance. Though the vape industry is all about cutting-edge innovation that promises the highest level of performance, there is a lot to be said about vaping with total consistency, zeroing in on comfort. And with that, you need the Power Cig Menthol Kit in your life, which for this week only will be specially priced at 10% off! This deal is promising endless vaping and maximum enjoyment; with just one week to score this incredible price on such a sweet device, you better move fast!

What is the VaporFi Power Cig?

VaporFi Power Cig Menthol Starter Kit Deal

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If you’re searching for the ability to vape without concern over constantly checking your battery power and keeping up with changing out batteries, the VaporFi Power Cig may be just what you need. As our Deal of the Week, this handy vape device is all about convenience. If you happen to be less mobile and less on-the-go at certain times, and just feel like kicking backing, relaxing, and enjoying a nice, steady stream of vaping, the Power Cig was made to satisfy. This amazing vape works by plugging it in, either via USB, wall charger, or car adapter and enjoying the ability to vape as you please. No charging necessary; no batteries to replace or keep track of; no running out of power at the worst possible moment. If you intend on being at your computer all day long or overindulging in daily World Cup games, or if you happen to be hitting the road for an extended road trip, you won’t have to micromanage your power as you enjoy the vaping. Freedom and convenience, my friends, are invaluable benefits of the Power Cig!

VaporFi Power Cig Menthol Starter Kit Refills

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How the VaporFi Power Cig Works

How the VaporFi Power Cig works is really simple: basically just plug it into the power source and enjoy. It comes with a 1.5 meter long cord, which gives you plenty of room to roam or chill with a connection to the outlet/ USB. In use, you get a consistent flow of power, and the device’s automatic draw adds additional simplicity that makes it easy and convenient to vape on. The Power Cig also has a 2.0 ohm resistance, which allows for a very nice level of vapor production.

VaporFi Power Cig Menthol Starter Kit Charger

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Taste the Menthol Goodness

In terms of vape juice, the Power Cig is pretty versatile. The Power Cig starter kit includes a 5-pack of menthol cartridges, which offer a deliciously simple experience. VaporFi’s premier menthol vape juice is smooth, cool, and overall very refreshing; so if you’re into a well-crafted menthol taste, this is it. You have the option to use either the included menthol cartridges, or if you would rather, you can purchase VaporFi Mini-Clear Clearomizers, which can be filled with the vape juice of your choice.

VaporFi Power Cig Menthol Starter Kit Packaging

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Shop VaporFi Australia for All of Your Vaping Needs

So this week, add some variety and simplicity into your vape lineup with the VaporFi Power Cig Menthol pack. This Deal of the Week is one just about every vaper could use, and it offers an unbeatable option for long-term vaping with total consistency and great performance. At 10% off, this deal is too good to pass up; get yours today and experience the pleasure for yourself!

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