The Deal of the Week has landed, and this time around we’ve got twice the action and twice the fun, served up hot! The VaporFi Air 2 for Two Mini bundle is going to be specially priced at 10% off, and these savings on such an awesome package are too good not to jump on! A deal this good doesn’t come around often; we highly recommend grabbing it while you can; you’ve got one week to score doubled-up fun!

Air 2 for Two

Air 2 for Two Mini Vaporizer Bundle for 10% Off!

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The VaporFi Air 2 for Two Mini is the ideal bundle for those who love to vape, with partners who do the same. Who hasn’t had the experience of having their vape totally absconded by their significant other at some point? It happens to the best of us, especially when we score a particularly awesome device that promises a boatload of enjoyment. This is the exact premise of the Air 2 Bundle; it takes care of the needs of two vapers, so everyone remains satisfied! Whether it’s for a couple, great friends, or roomies; it features two of everything which means that everyone is covered!

Versatility at its Finest

Air 2 for Two Mini Vaporizer Held in Hand

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The main attraction with the VaporFi Air 2 is how incredibly versatile it is. It was designed to allow usage with either traditional vape juices or oil concentrates while enabling easy swapping between the two, as you please. So, if you’re into both oils and e-liquid, or are interested in dabbling in both, the VaporFi Air 2 can handle your desires, which keeps your life simple by allowing you to have exactly what you want, all from a single device. When you want to use e-liquids, the Air 2 will work with the 1.1 ohm stainless steel coil; for use with oil concentrates, the 1.1 ohm oil concentrates coil will keep you covered.

Double the Goodness

Air 2 Specs and Features

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Of all the amazing things about the VaporFi Air 2 for Two Mini Vaporizer Bundle, it has to be how well-thought-out it is. It has double quantities of everything, even down to the accessories it includes, so in every way, it takes care of the needs of two vapers. The bundle includes two fully-stocked VaporFi Air 2 starter kits, including two 350 mAh batteries with 1.4ml vape juice capacity, two 7-packs of 1.1 ohm stainless steel replacement coils, two 5-packs of 1.1 ohm oil concentrate coil replacements, and 2 bottles of a Custom Blend vape juice of your choice (one flavor per bundle).

Get Your VaporFi Air 2 for Two Bundle

This kind of deal on this kind of versatility only comes around every so often, so we highly recommend getting on it. This week, while it’s our Deal of the Week, we invite you to get the Air 2 Bundle at 10% off. Having the option of using your choice of either e-liquids or oil concentrates, as well as scoring two starter kits offering all the necessary goods, makes this bundle an absolute must-have; get it while it’s hot and on sale!

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