The next time you have an afternoon to kill in Melbourne, consider taking a stroll through some of the city’s most celebrated parks and gardens. All of these beautiful parks give you the chance to connect with nature, relax and enjoy your favorite vape while you’re at it.

The Best Parks Melbourne Has to Offer

With this list, you’ll never be short on things to do in Melbourne!

  1. Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne
  2. VaporFi Australia -  Best Parks in Melbourne: Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens

    The Royal Botanical Gardens are one of the highest-rated attractions in all of Melbourne. As you walk you will be treated to a huge variety of plant life arranged into breathtaking displays. You will also have the opportunity to pick up on some history with the buildings and the gondola providing the backstory about how the gardens were first created and how they’ve changed since the site first opened. 

  3. Albert Park Lake
  4. VaporFi Australia -  Best Parks in Melbourne: Albert Park Lake

    Albert Park Lake is a great place to visit if you are into outdoor sports or you enjoy the water. There is plenty to do here at the lake and along the shore. Whether you want to rent a boat or enjoy some bird watching, Albert Park is an outdoor paradise.

  5. Flagstaff Gardens
  6. VaporFi Australia -  Best Parks in Melbourne: Flagstaff Gardens

    Dating back to 1862, Flagstaff Gardens are an incredible historic park that has an incredible story. You can visit the original flagstaff mount and get a view of the expansive harbour. This is one of the best parks in Melbourne if you want to get a real feel for the history of the city. 

  7. Carlton Gardens
  8. VaporFi Australia -  Best Parks in Melbourne: Carlton Gardens

    The Carlton Gardens are more than just gardens, strictly speaking. They are actually a network of garden beds, artistic fountains, and ponds all tied together by the central Exhibition Building. There are new events announced at Carlton Gardens all the time.

  9. Fitzroy Gardens
  10. VaporFi Australia -  Best Parks in Melbourne: Botanical Gardens

    Fitzroy Gardens offer another stunning display of floral designs tied together by intricate walkways and more. This particular park also features a miniature village and some unique trees unlike anything you will find elsewhere in the world. 

  11. St. Kilda Botanical Gardens
  12. VaporFi Australia -  Best Parks in Melbourne: Botanical Gardens

    St. Kilda Botanical Gardens provide another extravagant journey through garden beds, trees and more. This particular park is unique for its view of the water, and the nearby pier makes a great way to end your evening. 

  13. The National Rhododendron Garden
  14. VaporFi Australia -  Best Parks in Melbourne: Fitzroy Gardens

    Despite the name, this garden actually features more than rhododendrons. However, you will find that the stunning variety of rhododendrons in all colors is well worth the visit. You will also see azaleas, daffodils and plenty more. 

  15. William Ricketts Sanctuary
  16. VaporFi Australia -  Best Parks in Melbourne: William Ricketts Sanctuary

    This unusual park features statues and art fixtures hidden among the dense foliage. It is a great place to take a long walk, and even if you visit it time after time, you will almost always discover something new hidden among the leaves.

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