You already know about the negative aspects of your smoking habit. Besides the elevated risk of cancer risk and other serious health issues associated with tobacco use, smoking cigarettes is costly and addictive. Many former smokers who previously struggled to quit have successfully replaced their habit with vaping. So-called e-cigarettes provide a measured dose of nicotine without the harmful chemicals, tobacco, and tar of traditional cigarettes. Although more research about vaping is needed, clinical studies show that e-cigarettes carry fewer health risks than their classic counterparts.

What Are the Health Risks of Smoking?

Tobacco-related causes are associated with at least half a million deaths in the United States each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cigarettes are known to cause stroke, heart attack, heart disease, dental problems, lung cancer and other types of cancer, diabetes, and many other health issues.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Because vaping is still relatively new, we don’t yet know much about the effects of long-term use. We do know, however, that many of the health risks of smoking are associated with more than 7,000 carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals in cigarettes. Johns Hopkins Medicine notes that none of these toxic compounds are included in e-liquid. Most e-liquids contain just a few ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol, distilled water, and flavoring.

smoking vs vaping

Public Health England published an independent expert review in 2019 about the safety of e-cigarettes compared with tobacco cigarettes. The researchers reported that vaping is about 95% safer than smoking and has the potential to dramatically limit serious health risks among those who currently smoke.

With a vaporizer, this liquid is heated to create a mist that can be inhaled and exhaled just like cigarette smoke. Vapers receive nicotine without dangerous additives. According to Harvard Health, some people who vape may experience nausea or throat irritation.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates e-cigarette use and prohibits purchase by those
younger than 18. Pregnant women should also abstain from vaping since the potential effects on a fetus are unclear at this time.

Can Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

So far, clinical research shows that e-cigarettes are an effective way to quit smoking. In a randomized control study published by the New England Journal of Medicine in February 2019, participants who switched to vaping from smoking were more likely to still be abstinent from tobacco products after a year compared to participants who used nicotine replacement therapy to quit.

Despite mounting evidence about the efficacy of vaping as a smoking cessation aid, e-cigarettes have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for this purpose. However, those who have successfully quit smoking by switching to a vape note that they were able to limit nicotine cravings and notice fewer respiratory symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath after quitting.

When you decide to make the switch, try these tips to maximize your chances for success:

• Choose the lowest nicotine level that meets your needs. Most e-liquid brands offer a range of strengths and even zero-nicotine varieties.
• Consider a tobacco or menthol flavor if you want to closely mimic the experience of smoking a cigarette. Fruit, dessert, and countless other flavors are also available when you’re ready to branch out.
• Select a vaporizer you feel comfortable using. Whether you prioritize discretion, ease of use, or the
ability to create giant clouds of mist, you can find a device that meets your needs, which means you
are less likely to pick up smoking again.

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