If you have a lot of friends who vape, or if you’re thinking about becoming a vaper yourself, you probably have some questions about vaping. Because the VaporFi team is committed to giving you the guidance you need, many of the answers to your questions can be found right here. Whether you’re wondering why you should vape or what vaping entails, this guide will bring you up to speed on the world of vaping.

What are The Benefits of Vaping?

In its earliest years, vaping was a means of quitting smoking. When users vaped, they were able to experience many of the same sensations as smoking a cigarette with fewer harmful side effects. Namely, taking a draw on the vaporizer would fill your mouth and lungs with a billowy cloud of flavorful vapor. This vapor delivered nicotine similar to a cigarette before being exhaled. It focused on reducing the health risks up front without necessarily changing the day-to-day actions that make quitting smoking so difficult for people. When asked what vaping is like, many vapers say it is similar to smoking as far as actions go, but the flavors can vary drastically depending on your device and e-liquid.

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Most recently, vapers have banded together to form a supportive network for cigarette quitters and a strong community for those who are looking to enhance their vaping experience. When you start vaping, you gain entry to this crowd of people who want to help you make the most of your vaping experience. Many people find that discovering new vaping technologies, learning to build new devices, and experimenting with new flavors is both a fun and creative hobby that they can share with others in a relaxing environment.

How Should I Start Vaping?

If you are new to vaping, you may be wondering where to begin these days. The good news is that companies like VaporFi have packaged some of their most popular entry-level devices into convenient starter kits. The Rocket and the Express are just two of the most popular choices. Just purchase the kit, take it home and start vaping!

Within each kit, you will find a shiny new device – as well as an instruction manual, a charging cable and several other applicable accessories or parts. In other words, you will discover everything you need to set your device up for the first time and start vaping right away, as well as a few spare parts for you to use after you’ve been vaping for a week or so.

What is a Vaporizer Made With?

Your vaporizer is made up of:

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  1. The main device body, which houses all of the microchips and circuitry that is responsible for controlling the vaporizer;
  2. The battery, which may or may not be removable;
  3. The tank, which holds your e-juice of choice;
  4. The atomizer, which acts as the heating chamber for your e-juice, turning it to vapor;
  5. The coils, which can be swappable with the atomizer, or may be sold separately;
  6. The mouthpiece, which sits atop your device and which is where you draw your vapor through.

Depending on the complexity of your device, you may find variations of these components. However, all vapor devices use a combination of these elements to produce the giant clouds of vapor that you see today.

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What Vaping Accessories Should I Invest in?

In addition to your vaporizer, there are a number of useful accessories that you may want to add to your arsenal. For instance, a spare set of batteries is useful if your device allows you to interchange batteries at will. This will prevent downtime if you run out of juice during the day. Most vapers own a quality battery charger and a carrying case for storing their batteries so as to prevent damage during travel.

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You can also purchase extra o-rings for keeping your device properly sealed, mouthpieces for changing the way your vapor flows out of your device, and a huge selection of atomizers and tanks that come with adjustable airflow and bigger e-liquid capacities. In some cases the atomizers you choose will be specific to your device, such as the Viper and Pro 3 atomizers. However, more advanced devices tend to offer more choice so you can choose from a variety of different atomizers that are all compatible.

What Exactly is E-Juice, and What are my Options?

E-juice is the liquid that you put into your device to produce vapor. It is made up of four main ingredients that give it flavor and that characteristic nicotine hit. When you shop for e-juice, you will find that it is categorized according to PG and VG content. PG and VG are just two chemicals that are used to carry the nicotine and flavoring. Both of these chemicals are commonly used in medical applications and are safe for consumption. PG is a slightly thicker substance that generally produces smaller clouds and a mellower hit. VG is usually credited with fuller clouds and stronger flavors.

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When buying your vape juice online, you will find that you can choose the nicotine strength of your e-juice to personalize your experience. Most juices come with zero to 18 milligrams of nicotine, although some manufacturers offer a larger or smaller range of options. You can choose any flavor you like from the VaporFi site and modify the e-liquid content to match your current nicotine intake from smoking cigarettes. On this scale, 18 mg of nicotine is a very, very strong hit that is usually reserved for heavy smokers. Since e-juice delivers the nicotine in a pure form without all the other chemicals diluting it, you will likely need a lower nicotine strength than you expect. To determine the right strength for you, contact VaporFi’s customer service team.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream and the Coffee Lovers Bundle are just two of the more creative flavors that are enjoying success in the vapor world right now. You can also mix your very own flavors using VaporFi’s Do-It-Yourself blending tool. Custom flavors give you control over the chemical balance of your vape, the nicotine strength and most importantly – the flavor.

How Can I Enhance My Vaping Experience?

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Once you have selected your e-juice flavor, the next step is all about customizing your vape. Most atomizers allow you to adjust the airflow so you can get a smoother draw or a more restricted flow. Some devices also offer temperature controls that modify the heat and strength of your vape using the technology within the device. VaporFi’s Vex and Vox models are high-end designs for those who want more control over their experience. Additionally, the VaporFi VAIO is an all-in-one device that is perfect for bridging the gap between entry-level devices and the more advanced personal vaporizers.

What Vaping Tips and Tricks Should I Know About?

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Once you’ve gotten the hang of vaping on a basic level, there are a number of ways to enhance your vaping experience. First of all, a proper cleaning schedule will ensure that your device continues to produce great tasting vapor reliably. Changing out your coils and wicks or atomizers when they burn out will also save you from getting a unpleasant flavor from your device. Also, whenever you switch e-juice flavors, it is recommended that you switch coils and wicks to eliminate any residual liquid hanging out in your tank. For more guidance on cleaning and caring for your vape, check out VaporFi’s vaping maintenance sheet.

When you go online, you will also find that there are millions of people sharing fun and exciting vapor tricks along the way. Blowing rings and making shapes are all part of the joy of vaping. There are even competitions for vapers to show off their most advanced vapor tricks. When you’re ready to start getting more creative with your vapor, check out vaping tips and tricks from VaporFi.

How Can I Learn More about Vaping?

From the earliest days of your beginner vapes, there is no shortage of information available on the web. There is also no single best vape blog, but VaporFi’s blog provides a wealth of information for those who want to learn more.

By now, you should have the answers to all of your most pressing vapor questions – including why people vape and how to start vaping. Now that you have all the information and resources you need, it’s time to start shopping for your ideal vaporizer!

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