This month, we’ve got a seriously tasty contest-winning vape juice flavor coming at you! We are pleased to introduce you to the mind-blowing, relaxing, utterly delicious Marshmel Tobacco e-liquid. This month, we invite you to chill out and savor the finer things and this flavor will put you in the mood to do just that!

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VaporFi Customers Know Their Juice!

When it comes to vaping, there is no getting around the fact that our customers know how to come up with some pretty rad juice flavors. With a keen taste for experimenting and some pretty awesome results, we trust you guys to let us know when you create something out of this world; hence why we host juice contests!

The perfect example is this month’s contest winner, Marshmel Tobacco. This flavor is all about relaxing while enjoying a blissfully perfect vape juice. At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than unwinding while you vape a flavor that is both a rich tobacco and dessert taste. Your after-dinner vape will never be the same after experiencing this one!

Unreal Dessert Flavor

Marshmel Tobacco is a really interesting, unusual blend of flavors that work perfectly together. If you love a deep, rich, tobacco-inspired flavor that includes a range of complex notes, this is a flavor you need to try. It’s a warm taste, offering a velvety profile that will inundate your senses as you indulge in each inhale. Sweet, yet not overpowering. Intense, but not too heavy. Rich, without being overwhelming; the perfect balance of sweet and savory, pungent yet soothing, it’s a serious experience!

Each flavor in this blend adds something remarkable to the overall big picture. The tastes are each significant, however, they manage to create an interesting interplay among themselves, lending to a very enjoyable vapor. Marshmel Tobacco starts off with the sweetly robust taste of Caramel Tobacco, which sets the stage for a rich, strong vape. The addition of Graham Cracker comes in next, adding a subtle spice and delicious cookie-like essence. Ending the flavor is the unmistakable airiness of Marshmallow, creating the perfect finish with a creamy flourish. The contrasts are delectable and the overall experience from the inhale through the exhale is nothing short of marvelous! Clearly why this juice came out as a winner upon our sampling!


Forging Ahead Into New Flavor Frontiers

VaporFi fans know good flavor and we are all about highlighting the incredible creations you lovely people come up with. Amidst our 30,000+ different possible flavors, you all never cease to amaze us with your understanding of great vape flavor. This month, our contest winning vape juice, Marshmel Tobacco is a seriously delicious taste we cannot wait for you all to try. This is an instant classic; the combo of caramel, tobacco, graham crackers, and marshmallow is pretty epic and definitely worthy of being considered an “all day vape.” So vape fam, while it’s on special this month, we urge you to try this awesomeness for yourselves! It will not disappoint!

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