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One of the best things about the vaping culture is the innovative community involved in it. Vaping attracts plenty of people who love to experiment with different tanks, battery sizes, and other mods and accessories. This spirit of experimentation drives a lot of what we do at VaporFi and what we believe in, and we love to provide advice for anyone at any level of involvement.

Are you looking to step up your vaping game?

Maybe you’ve been vaping for a while and love all of the juices, mods, and other accessories available for it. You may even want to experiment with lower-resistance coils or bigger clouds. Whatever your vaping level or preference, we have plenty of vape mods and accessories just for you. Here are three of our favourites:

    1. Gift Bundle for the Intermediate Vaper

VaporFi Australia - Unique Vape Mods for Sale Gift Bundle
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This one’s for you if you want to seriously step up your vaping game. You may be drawn to wanting to blow bigger clouds, for example, but your current vape setup isn’t really powerful enough to allow it. This is where the intermediate gift bundle shines. A single huge-capacity battery powers this beast that can fire up to 75 watts of power. Combine it with the included low-resistance 0.5-ohm coils and a 100-watt output rating, and you have a recipe for giant clouds. That’s great news if you’re a cloud chaser!


  • VaporFi VAIO 80 TC Mod


VaporFi Australia - Unique Vape Mods for Sale Vaio 80 TC
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This is the vaping device to get if you want a solidly built all-in-one solution. The VAIO 80 includes a single large-capacity battery of 2100 mAh so that you can vape for hours, and a 3.5-millilitre capacity built-in juice tank. The VAIO 80 TC is topped off with a custom-located atomiser that provides a more direct mouth-to-lung experience. This means that every draw on this mod will give you a pleasant flavour hit. At up to 80 watts of firing power, this is one investment that will keep on giving!


  • VaporFi VEX 150 TC Mod


VaporFi Australia - Unique Vape Mods for Sale Vex 150 TC
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If you want to experience one of the most powerful units we have to offer, the VEX 150 is it. As the name suggests, this twin-battery powerhouse can deliver up to a stunning 150 watts of raw power! Built-in vents and electrical corrections ensure that using this monster is hassle-free and safe. The VEX 150 is one efficient unit and provides long-lasting power with no dropouts. It’s just perfect for the serious vaper!

VaporFi Has What You’re Looking

Whether you want to step up your vaping game or just want some great new flavours for the upcoming weekend, we’re happy to answer any of your questions and help you make the right decision for your needs. Visit our homepage to view all of our products.

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