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Understanding the Types of Vape Wicking Materials

Sometimes we get so focused on the inner workings of our gear we forget how important our wicking material is. There are now a wide range of materials being used to wick e-liquid up to your coils and they all have slightly different qualities. Some hold more e-liquid than others, some give off a faint taste, and some are built to outlast other materials.

Vaping Wick Materials

Here’s what your vape pen’s wick is likely made of:

VaporFi Australia - Vape Device Wicking Materials: Cotton


Cotton is one of the most common wicking materials in use today. It grew in popularity because it is relatively inexpensive and widely available. Cotton is easy to roll and thread through a coil with minimal effort. It soaks up liquid quickly and holds a lot of liquid at one time.

Unfortunately it does have a bit of a flavor on its own that can mess with the true flavor of your e-liquid. It is also very susceptible to burning if you accidentally dry-fire, and you need to be sure you are using untreated, unbleached cotton lest you introduce other chemicals to the mix.

VaporFi Australia - Vape Device Wicking Materials: Salica


Silica fibers are a synthetic version of cotton. Silica is actually cheaper to get your hands on than cotton, and many manufacturers prefer silica for their pre-built atomizers. However, it tends to wick slower than cotton and doesn’t hold quite as much e-liquid.

On the plus side, it is much less susceptible to burning if it dries out. Both cotton and silica need to be changed every few days to keep from accumulating too much gunk in the fibers.

VaporFi Australia - Vape Device Wicking Materials: Rayon


Rayon is another up-and-coming wick material. These fibers are made from processed wood fibers that have been spun into a fluffy, striated blend. Rayon wicks exceptionally well and it is very affordable.

It holds together better than silica and is very, very absorbent so it can hold a lot of liquid. On the down side, it absolutely will catch on fire if you hit it dry, so you must be sure you have dripped enough to avoid trouble.

VaporFi Australia - Vape Device Wicking Materials: Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wicks are now available in mesh and rope form. This is a unique material used for very specific vaping devices. Stainless steel must be pre-treated before use to ensure that it doesn’t short out your device. When properly treated it should not give off any metallic flavor. However, it is easy to build with and holds an impressive amount of liquid that it can soak up instantly. The best part of stainless steel is that it definitely will not burn when dry, and it needs to be changed a lot less frequently than other wicks.

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There are tons of other options out there, such as hemp fibers and ceramic wicks, but these are the most popular options today. A quick search online will show that there are people in each of these camps who swear by their wicking material as the absolute best. In reality it depends on your liquid and device, and how you vape. To see all of the vaping equipment VaporFi ships to Australia, click here.

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