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Understanding Australia’s Vaping Laws

Are you intimidated by Australia’s new vaping laws? Many people are afraid of giving vaping a shot because they have heard about a complex set of rules and regulations covering vapor products.

The good news is that the regulations are not as complicated as you may have heard, and you can start vaping on your own quite easily.

Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about vaping in Australia.

VaporFi Australia - Understanding Australia's Vaping Law - Infographic

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Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about vaping in Australia.

Is Vaping illegal in Australia?

VaporFi - Vaping Not Illegal in Australia

First and foremost, the use of e-cigarettes, vape pens, and other vaporizers in Australia is not illegal. These devices are actually legal throughout the country with the use of non-nicotine e-liquids.

Some states have classified vaporizers as smoking devices and limited their sale in retail stores, but most states allow for both the sale and supply of electronic vaping devices locally. Starting in June 2021, new vaping laws will make e-cigarettes only available with a prescription from a doctor.

In addition, it is completely legal to import any device of your choice.

Rules on Nicotine

VaporFi - Know the Australian Vaping Rules

If you have been smoking traditional cigarettes and you are looking to transition to vaping instead, you can! Again, Australia has widely ruled against the sale of nicotine products in stores, but Australia does allow for the importing of e-liquids for personal use.

Only one state, Queensland, has made importing nicotine products illegal. The other states allow the importation of nicotine-containing vape juice.

The current rule for importing nicotine-containing e-liquid is as follows:

  1. You may import up to a three-month supply of e-liquid at any given time, up to a total of 15 month’s supply per year.
  2. This three months’ supply is based on the manufacturer’s highest recommended nicotine dosage and average daily usage.
  3. In general, the law assumes that 10ml of e-liquid is equivalent to roughly 100 traditional cigarettes.
  4. You may place up to five three-month orders per year for personal use only, with a cap of $1,000 AUD on orders.
  5. Keep in mind, this law requires you to have a prescription from a registered Australian doctor.


Ordering the right amount of e-liquid requires a little bit of math on your part to determine how much you’ll need. If you can track how many cigarettes you smoke on a regular basis, you can estimate how much e-liquid with nicotine you will be purchasing.

In addition, you will want to plan ahead for nicotine content. Since e-liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths, you want to be sure that your products will be strong enough to satisfy your cravings. If you purchase too weak of a nicotine level, you will find yourself vaping more frequently and consuming more than an average amount of e-liquid, which could lead to a shortage at the end of the year.

Rules on Non-Nicotine Vaping Products

VaporFi - Australian Rules On Nicotine Vaporizers

Even if you’re not a current smoker, and you are just interested in the fun and flavour of vaping without nicotine, there is more good news. There are numerous e-liquids with zero nicotine available through VaporFi.

Competitive and hobby vapers alike enjoy these flavors without worry throughout the country. However, it is still important to remember that vaping in areas that are designated Smoke Free zones is prohibited.

Other Australian Vaping Info

VaporFi- Australian Vaping Information

Current Australian vaping laws vary from place to place as well. Most importantly, e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers have been classified as tobacco products in some regions, while other regions refer to them as “devices used to mimic smoking”.

Each region has its own set of rules concerning these classifications wherein the devices themselves may be subject to certain registration and safety standards, taxes and more.

In addition, some regions have not classified vaporizers at all as they are simply the electronic medium by which vaping is accomplished, but they do not inherently contain nicotine on their own.

Regardless of where you live, you should know that the import of vaping products is legal in almost all cases. Unless you live in Queensland, vaping is legal you should have few problems purchasing and using your vaporizer.

However, in Queensland specifically, vaporizers are classified as tobacco products themselves, and any form of nicotine is illegal. In Victoria, nicotine usage is only allowed if you hold a medical certificate proving that your vaporizer is being used as a therapeutic smoking cessation device.

Age limits are another important piece of the legal puzzle. It is illegal to sell vapour products to anyone under the age of 18, and any vaporizer can be seized if it is in the hands of someone under the age of 18. In addition, some locations have placed regulations over the use of vaporizers in cars with children under the age of 16.

These new regulations have swept across Australia and frightened many people into thinking they may have to give up vaping altogether. This is simply untrue. Knowledge is power, so read up on the vaping laws and regulations in your area. 

VaporFi Australia

Once you know how much e-liquid you really need, it is easy to order devices and vape juices online and have them shipped directly to your country without violating any state laws. VaporFi Australia is an excellent source of devices and e-liquids.

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