When you hear the word ‘squonking’, what may come to mind is the sound of a sick duck, but it is actually a term related to vaping. If you are new to vaping, which is the act of using an e-cigarette device, you probably have not heard of squonking. Even those who are familiar with vaping may not be familiar with the term, as it is only now becoming more mainstream. The following guide to squonking will inform you about what it is, how it works, and some tips for the best use.

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What is Squonking?

Most people who have vaped before have used Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA), which allow you to experience a lot of flavors and produce a large cloud. However, you need to constantly add e-juice because there is not a reservoir tank to hold the liquid. This can be very inconvenient and messy, especially if you are out and about.

Squonking fixes this issue because it uses a specifically designed type of mod. So, what is a squonk mod? It is a personal vaporizer that holds the e-liquid in a bottle which then feeds the liquid directly to the atomizer. Because everything you need is in one device, it is convenient and simple. Most bottles can hold between five and seven milliliters of e-liquid, which lasts quite awhile.

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How a Squonk Mod Works

Compared to a traditional RDA, a squonk mod requires a little assistance from the user. There is a small opening on the back or side of the mod where you can not only see how much juice is left in the bottle, but it is also where you press the bottle to transfer the liquid through a tube to the atomizer. Once you let go of the bottle, any liquid surplus is let back into the bottle.

The result is a wick that is perfectly soaked with e-juice. You are now ready to begin vaping. When you see the wick is dry, or you notice a diminished flavor, it is time to squonk again. Depending on the specific squonk mod, each squeeze may result in three to six puffs.

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4 Tips for the Best Squonking Experience

While the whole process of squonking seems straightforward and simple, there are some things to be aware of. Keep the following advice in mind when deciding if squonking is for you:

#1 May Be Dangerous

For uninitiated squonkers, and even those who are experienced vapers, the method of squonking can be dangerous if not handled correctly. If you purchase a mod from an unregulated source, there is a chance the device can explode and cause damage to yourself and people in the vicinity. If you are new to the experience, or you do not feel comfortable or qualified to build your own, it may be best to wait until these devices become more mainstream and there are more options.

#2 Purchase Batteries Smartly

The majority of squonk mods require one 18650 battery, which does not result in the best battery life. It is smart to carry an extra battery so you are prepared. Make sure you buy them from trustworthy companies because some unscrupulous vendors pass off defective batteries.

#3 Squonk Adequately

New squonkers often either over- or under-squonk, so it can take a little practice to get it right. You should start out by gently pressing on the bottle, and if the hit is unpleasantly dry, you need to press a little more the next time. If you squeeze too much, you will get spit-back and leaking.

#4 Size Considerations

One of the disadvantages of a squonk mod is it is larger than a regular mod because it holds the e-juice bottle. If you want something a little more discreet or one that is easier to carry, squonking may not be the right choice for you.

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