Typically, when you buy a new vaping mod you have two options: a DNA or Yihi chipset mod. Yihi has really taken the vaping world by storm, and now you can find more and more vaporizers with the coveted Yihi chipset already installed. Yihi is known for simple, out of the box operation that is perfect for vapers of all levels.

Best Yihi Mods You Can Buy

If you are searching for the best Yihi chip mods, here are some of our favorites:

SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box Mod

SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box MOD

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SX Mini’s G Class Box Mod is Yihi’s flagship in-house vaporizer design. While Yihi chips have been featured in a wide range of devices by other manufacturers, this was Yihi’s bold statement piece. This mod is a powerful 200W TC mod that really showcases all the ins and outs of what the chip can do, features that are often not exercised by other manufacturers. With Bluetooth connection, joystick controls, customizable wallpapers, and precision power controls, this is our number one pick for anyone who wants to see Yihi’s full potential.

Sigelei SnowWolf

Sigelei Snow Wolf Vfeng 230W TC Vape MOD

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If you want to see a Yihi chipset in action in a slightly different environment, Sigelei is a great brand to choose. Sigelei has been using Yihi chips for many of their mods all the way down to 30W options, but the SnowWolf is one of their highest powered mods featuring a Yihi chip. The oversized mod is built for long-range vaping without having to stop for charging or refilling. It can handle just about any tank with ease. The screen is large and gives you the ability to explore a wide range of vaping profiles. Bonus features include colorful LED lights as indicators and aesthetics, as well as super fast 2 amp charging. At 230W, this device is even more powerful than Yihi’s own device, stretching the capabilities of the chipset just a little bit further.

Shop these Yihi Mods & More on VaporFi Australia

Any vaper can appreciate the range of possibilities that Yihi mods have to offer. More and more companies are adopting Yihi chips as a cost-effective option with plenty of range. Sigelei was an early adopter of the brand, and they continue to showcase why they made the decision at every turn. Of course, Yihi has their own surprises up their sleeve by releasing their own in-house mod. It’s no surprise that they have been able to take their chip to all new heights by exploring features that only they could know about. If you’re ready to check it out for yourself, visit VaporFi Australia online and place your order today.

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