VaporFi – Beginner Vaping Pens for Novice Vapers

Top 5 Best Beginner Vape Pens for the Aspiring Vaper

As it is both safe and legal to purchase personal vaporizers in Australia, the question becomes which vape pen is right for you? Here at VaporFi, we are happy to say we have a great selection of vape pens for every level vaper.

Coupled with our selection of over 30,000 flavor combination e-juices (with or without nicotine) these stunning vape pens, which are available in a variety of colors, offer the greatest and most advanced features as well as the best taste profile only available in expensive advanced MODs.

Five Best Vaporizers for Novice Vapers

Here is a look at some of our best-selling entry level devices for the new vaper:

1. The Pro II

VaporFi’s Pro series hit the ground running a few years back, giving the vape pen market a face lift with some fresh, funky colors, interesting body lines and cool new features. The Pro II remains one of the best beginner vape pens thanks to its simplicity and price point. With the release of the Pro III, the price of the Pro II has taken a pretty steep cut. Nevertheless, VaporFi continues to support the Pro II with a full range of accessories and components. This tiny little vape pen provides more than enough power for the average vaper, and is just versatile enough for you to get the perfect vape without a hassle.

VaporFi Pro II Vaping Pens for Beginners

2. The Pro 3

Of course, we’d be crazy not to mention the all new Pro 3 vape pen. Currently on the list of best vape pens, this upgraded version of the Pro II has even more to offer at a slightly higher price point. More fantastic colors, a slightly wider body, and simplified look are all a part of this device. The Pro 3 features more of a mouth to lung feel, making it more natural for smokers who are in transition. The Pro 3 also has longer battery life, more safety features and more conveniences to keep you from ever spilling a drop of liquid when you’re changing your atomizer. You can buy the Pro 3 in any of eight different colors, and mix and match the battery and tank to create a look that is all your own.

VaporFi Pro 3 Vaping Pens for Beginners

3. The Rocket 3

When it comes to the best vape pens on the market, the Rocket 3 provides outstanding performance and power. This is a high end pen that includes temperature control and other features that were once reserved for bulky box mods. It’s solid, durable, and just plain pretty. With the extra-long life 2500 mAh battery, it provides more than double the vape time of other vape pens around. LED backlit indicators and the coil sensing system allow the user to use a variety of different coils without having to navigate menus or master settings. It’s pretty much plug and play all the way.

VaporFi Rocket 3 Vaping Pens for Beginners

4. The Rebel 3

If you are up for a challenge, the Rebel 3 has plenty to offer. You will notice right away that the Rebel 3 is significantly larger in the hand than other vape pens, allowing for the gigantic 5.8 mL tank and 3000 mAh battery. If you are looking to make a major, one time investment in your personal vaporizer so you won’t have to upgrade next year, this is the one that will outlast them all. This device was built for producing massive clouds, precise flavors, and delivering a really impressive experience all around. It definitely changed the way people talked about vape pens, as it competes well alongside modern box mods.

VaporFi Rebel 3 Vaping Pens for Beginners

5. The Express

You may still be unsure about transitioning to an advanced pen style vape. If you are looking to get your feet wet with a simpler device that more closely resembles a traditional cigarette, the Express is for you. This vaporizer uses prefilled cartridges so you don’t have to worry about learning to “build” your vape. In addition, it uses a straightforward delivery method – use it manually with the button or automatically by drawing on it – and is held the same way you would hold a cigarette. It is a great way to get familiar with the different taste and feel of vaping while sticking with something that feels natural in your hands already. Once you are confident in the way the device works, you can upgrade to Mini-Clearomizer tanks and branch out to new flavors without having to buy a new device.

VaporFi Express Vaping Pens for Beginners

VaporFi is Australia’s Choice for Vaping Supplies & Accessories

These are just five of VaporFi’s very best vape pens for new vapers. They provide plenty of range and flexibility for those learning to vape, and enough power to keep you going once you are comfortable with the process.

They are the perfect choice for someone aspiring to learn all about vaping and grow into the vaping community before looking at more advanced options. Even if you aren’t sure that vaping is right for you, the Express and the Pro II are both cost-friendly options that allow you to test things out for yourself and see what vaping is all about.

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