If you’re on the hunt for a great new e-juice in Australia, it’s time you take a look at VaporFi’s top 10 best-selling e-juices for the region.

The people have spoken, and these juices are the ones that continue to live out their legacy, day in and day out. You don’t want to miss out on these favorites any longer!

The Vape Juices Australians Prefer

Here are the e-liquids we sell the most of in Australia.


#1 Tobacco Vape Juices

Often chosen as transition juices for those who are quitting smoking, tobacco vape juices make up the bulk of the flavors sold. VaporFi offers a Classic Tobacco flavor, as well as Sahara Gold Tobacco and American Red Tobacco. The deep, dark flavor of these tobacco juices is a great place for you to start if you’re not sold on a fruity dessert-style vape just yet.
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Menthol Freeze eLiquids

#2 Menthol Freeze

Naturally, the next best pick in our top 10 vape juices is a menthol vape juice. Menthol remains one of the most prevalent flavors in traditional cigarettes, so a menthol vape is a natural choice. Menthol Freeze has an icy cool touch that perfectly captures the love of menthol in a bottle.
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vaporfi berry bash e-liquid

#3 Berry Bash

This is one of those bright, fruity vape juice flavors you’ve been hearing about. Berry Bash is a strawberry, blueberry and raspberry all-in-one smoothie in vapor form.
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#4 Appletini

It’s ladies night at the vape bar with this incredible cocktail juice. You can taste the sour green apples in all their glory without too much sugar. This is a great choice if you aren’t into overly sweet flavors, but want a crisp apple.
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#5 Fresh Mint

Menthol may not be your thing, but you can still enjoy an authentic mint flavor with Fresh Mint vape juice. This flavor makes a great mixer if you want to add a few drops to your favorite fruit or chocolate vape.
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Mango Flavored Eliquid Juice

#6 Mango Tango

Another fruit favorite, this tropical flavor will take you away to paradise. Mango Tango is a straight shot of pure mango flavor without any unnecessary enhancements.
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VaporFi Watermelon Wave

#7 Watermelon Wave

This straightforward watermelon flavor is perfect for fans of big, juicy melons in the summertime heat. It’s sweet but not overwhelming, and offers plenty of flavor.
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#8 Caramel Tobacco

Perhaps you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone with a flavored tobacco vape. Caramel tobacco is a soft, easy way to add a bit of a candied taste to your musky tobacco.
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Choose any of the best selling e-juice flavors from this list and have a blissful day! Didn’t find what you were looking for, visit our main e-juice page to start shopping now.

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