No matter what kind of vaper you have in your household or on your friends list, there are plenty of opportunities for you to choose the perfect vape-related gifts this year. We’ve put together this creative and insightful guide to help highlight some of the best products for each type of vaper we know so you can narrow down your search and make a well-educated purchase.

If you have loved ones who are thinking about vaping, this vape gift guide also provides some helpful tips for selecting a vaping gift that will help them get started on the right path.

In order to make the most of your holidays, we’ve provided some information about both the vape devices that are great for each group as well as which accessories will work well with their build. After all, many of these accessories are an essential part of building a proper vape in the first place. This includes coils, tanks and certainly e-liquids.

On the subject of e-liquids, you’ll notice that we recommend some very popular options from our existing catalog. However, VaporFi has more than 30,000 flavors available through our e-liquid customization tool, so you won’t have to feel limited by what flavors are available.

Let’s dive right in with some of our favorite gifts for vapers.

Best Vape Gifts for Him

Shopping for the man in your life can be a challenge. From power tools to car parts, you want to be sure that the gift you are buying will actually be put to good use. That’s why VaporFi created several products that help men help themselves. By starting with raw materials, your friends and family members are able to enjoy vaping by building and working with their hands. What more could you ask?

Fortunately, the Venom Builder Bundle is the perfect gift for the man with busy hands. This kit includes everything a man needs to experiment and build to their heart’s content. With enough practice and ingenuity, this kit unlocks unbridled power and performance. Enjoy the unique properties of the Venom’s color-changing exterior as you wrap your own coils using the included wire.

Venom Builder Bundle

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If you’re looking for something a little more rugged, the VaporFi Vulk Tank is the perfect gift. This gigantic sub-ohm tank is ideal for long days vaping with high-powered devices. It was created specifically with today’s 200-watt devices in mind. At 26 millimeters, it is quite stout and holds up to 5 milliliters of liquid. You’ll notice that it includes an incredibly easy-to-use building deck, as well as perfectly measured airflow ports to get just the precise amount of volume out of this tank.

VaporFi Vulk Tank

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At the end of a long day, what could possibly bring more relaxation than a cold drink? If your man is a fan of rum, try out VaporFi’s Rum and Cherry Cola e-liquid. This incredible cocktail of flavors was designed to perfectly mimic one of your favorite adult beverages. You’ll find that this flavor is the perfect mix of rum and coke with just a hint of cherry added on the back end.

Rum and Cherry Cola e-liquid

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Finally, if you really want to help the men in your life vape happily, nothing is more important than a quality battery charger. The VaporFi High-Capacity Battery charger was designed to handle the demands of high-capacity lithium ion batteries that are used in powerful advanced vaporizers. With a universal wall adapter and plenty of juice, this thing will keep all of his batteries charged up and ready to go.

High-Capacity Battery charger

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Best Vape Gifts for Her

Don’t forget about the ladies in your life this holiday season. Make sure that they have the perfect selection of vaping accessories to fit their style and needs. For women, there is often concern about how a device fits in the hand and whether or not it can be carried in a purse or a pocket. Each of these devices is particularly well suited to women for this reason.

Ladies love our VAIO Mini Starter kit – a perfect micro vape designed for carrying in your purse or on a keychain. This device is super easy to use and comes in five great colors. In addition, it charges super fast and provides enough power to leave you feeling fulfilled without having to eat up too many batteries. This is a great device for new and old vapers alike.

VAIO Mini Starter kit

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Another great option is the VaporFi VAIO Go Starter Kit. This sleek and stylish little vape pen is the perfect pocket-sized accessory. It’s available in six metallic finishes that give it an eye-catching appearance. In addition, the built-in tank and battery make it super convenient to carry without having to keep up with extra accessories. It has a larger battery than the VAIO Mini while still offering the same discreet ability to carry it easily.

VaporFi VAIO Go Starter Kit

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Most people stick to plain black and white mouthpieces, but VaporFi has created a collection of gorgeous glass mouthpieces to enhance the natural beauty of any woman’s vaporizer. These tiny pieces of glass artwork featuring flowers and swirls empower the female vapers in your life to personalize their device in a unique way. These glass tips also serve an important purpose in keeping e-liquids tasting pure and improving the natural flow of the device.

gorgeous glass mouthpieces

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Also, if you think about it, gifting an e-liquid is a little like gifting a perfume. You want the gift to represent scents and flavors that remind you of the recipient in question and match their personality. With a bottle of custom mixed e-liquid, you can create a flavor that perfectly demonstrates the characteristics of the lady in your life. Whether that is sugary sweet or just a little bit tangy, show them you were thinking of them with a creation of your own. This is your chance to appreciate their one-of-a-kind qualities.

Best Vape Gifts for New Vapers

When it comes to new vapers, it can be difficult to discern exactly which device is best for getting started. We’ve put together a collection of products that are particularly well suited to those who are just learning to vape, whether they feel comfortable with new electronics or not.

Our first recommendation is the VaporFi Express Mighty Menthol Bundle. Especially if your loved one is a menthol fan, you can’t go wrong with this kit. It comes with the VaporFi Express E-cigarette, which is a highly intuitive device designed to mimic the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. This device can be easily recharged in just a few hours with the included charger. In addition, it uses simple disposable cartridges filled with liquid so your friends won’t have to worry about choosing a liquid and refilling tanks. It’s important to note that while this bundle comes with Might Menthol cartridges to start with, there is a wide selection of traditional tobacco flavors that are compatible with this device.

Express Mighty Menthol Bundle

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The next step up is the VaporFi Pro 3 vape pen. Similar to an e-cigarette, this pen style vape gives your friends more access to power and performance. With a larger battery, it provides extra-long life for getting through the day without needing an extra recharge. In addition, the built-in tank and upgraded atomizers make it possible to get fuller vapor clouds. This device also opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing e-liquids of your own and exploring new flavor options. Still, the Pro 3 remains a fairly no-frills device that is easy to work with right out of the box.

Pro 3 vape pen

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New vapers are often unaware of how often they will need to be changing atomizers and wicks. Do your friends a favor and stock them up on their favorite atomizers and coils this year. You can purchase five-packs of Pro 3 atomizers as stocking stuffers and help encourage your friends to keep up the vaping after they’ve gone through the goodies in their first starter pack.

If you’re searching for the perfect e-liquid for a new vaper, you’re in luck. Given the high demand for traditional tobacco flavors, VaporFi went ahead and created several great options. From Classic Tobacco to Sahara Gold and American Red, there are a number of full-bodied authentic tobacco flavors available. These liquids are the most recommended flavors for new vapers because they are already familiar to those who smoke. This makes the move to vaping easier and doesn’t shock the body as much during the early transitional phase. Try one of the flavor sample packs to give your friends the best chance to discover a flavor they love.

Best Vape Gifts for Experienced Vapers

Experienced vapers come in many forms. Some experienced vapers enjoy pushing their devices to the limits of the technology inside. Other experienced vapers simply want to sample all the flavors that vaping has to offer. If you’re shopping for an experienced vaper this year, use these gifts below as a starting point.

The VaporFi Custom Vaporizer Builder allows you to design and create a vaporizer using a number of incredible independent components. Start by choosing which body you want for your vape, and then accessorize the device step by step until you have created something that is perfectly suited to your recipient. This handy tool will present you with all of the options that are compatible together so you can be sure that the pieces you buy will perform as expected. We know that advanced vapers take great pride in their devices and their builds, so you can use this tool to create something that will be treasured forever.

Custom Vaporizer Builder

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The Vape Kit Bundle for Advanced Vapers is another great gift choice for your experienced vaping friends. This kit includes VaporFi’s high-end 150W TC mod, along with the incredible RDA as a starting point for building a powerhouse of a device. This bundle also includes high-capacity batteries and great quality batteries along with the upgraded Grand Reserve e-liquid flavor. Essentially, it’s everything you need for high-wattage vaping in one place.

Vape Kit Bundle for Advanced Vapers

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While you’re out gift shopping, help your advanced vaping friends out by picking up a few extra sets of 18650 batteries. Every experienced vaper knows that battery degradation can be a real challenge, especially if you’re vaping competitively at high power on a regular basis. Plus, replacement batteries can get costly if you are often running into problems. Just stop by VaporFi and choose some of VaporFi’s ultra high-capacity batteries to add plenty of life to your friend’s vaping game.

18650 batteries

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Experienced vapers can also appreciate the importance of certain collectible e-liquid flavors. With the Grand Reserve Collector’s Edition set, you can give your friend or family member a huge selection of e-liquids in a limited edition box set. This set includes eight different award-winning e-liquids from VaporFi’s premium Grand Reserve line. This is your chance to help them discover a flavor that will change their vaping game forever. Plus, the Grand Reserve box set creates a beautiful visual in your e-liquid cabinet.

Grand Reserve Collector's Edition

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Best E-Liquids for the Holidays

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the best vape juices for this holiday season. Every year, people come to us looking for the most popular seasonal vapes that won’t be around for the summer. It’s best if we start with VaporFi’s Egg Nog e-liquid first. This creamy, sweet e-liquid features strong spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and more. It will definitely take you right back home to drinking eggnog with your family every year. The flavor is very rich and silky.

Egg Nog e-liquid

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On the other hand, Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie is the perfect e-liquid gift for those who love the selection of desserts available at holiday parties. This incredible apple pie rendition features layered flavors that bring out the true characteristics of biting into apple pie, including the flaky crust on the outside. This particular flavor was made in a partnership with Cosmic Fog and has celebrated great success since its initial introduction. In fact, it’s done so well that VaporFi has voted to keep it around for the long haul.

Grandma's Dutch Apple Pie

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Don’t forget to break out the Peppermint Bark e-juice while celebrating the holidays this year. Give your friends a little bit of cheer with this fantastic minty, chocolaty flavor. You’ll enjoy the flavor of candy canes crushed into a blend of rich chocolate and swirled with just a hint of toffee in between. This longtime holiday favorite treat comes to life with this e-liquid.

Peppermint Bark e-juice

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Lastly, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without an iconic gingerbread cookie. With VaporFi’s Gingerbread vape juice, you can enjoy the flavor and scent of gingerbread in the air. This is a nice, subtle e-liquid that isn’t too heavy on the flavoring. The spices of the gingerbread linger in the air for a little while, but they aren’t overwhelming to your taste buds. Especially if you want something smooth and interesting to enjoy during the holidays, our gingerbread e-juice is a wonderful option.

Gingerbread vape juice

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It’s Time to Shop

All of the above gift ideas for vapers come from the team at VaporFi. We have listened closely to our customers and put this list together based on which products are best suited for different kinds of vapers. For instance, we know that men get excited about the prospect of building a machine that is truly theirs. Likewise, women tend to prefer devices that are easy to carry and look good in their hands.

For those who are new to vaping, there are dozens of options available but our staff at VaporFi has put together some of the highest selling learning devices on the market today. New vapers continue to flock to them as they look for simple vaporizers that will help them make the switch. Our team at VaporFi can’t just ignore advanced vapers though, so we’ve put together a number of gift bundles that are well suited to those who have been vaping for a few years. This includes fresh new flavors, challenging device builds and more.

Of course, this is nowhere near being a comprehensive list of the products we sell at VaporFi. If you are unsure of which device or accessories will be perfect for the recipient you have in mind, we invite you to contact us with your questions. We will guide you toward the devices that most closely meet your needs based on the recipient’s vaping experience and what they hope to get out of vaping. We will also help you choose accessories that will contribute to a better vaping experience.

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