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The Global Rise in Vaping

Vaping has turned into a global phenomenon, quickly becoming many people’s method of choice to partake in nicotine. In only 10 years, companies such as Juul have taken over market shares long held by cigarette companies. In fact, about 35 million people worldwide have taken up vaping as of 2016, and trends indicate this number is likely to grow.

What factors are contributing to this boom? To understand this shift, we’ve taken a look at what vaping is and how it got started.

Is Vaping Smoking?

Those unfamiliar with vapes may see the clouds produced by users and wonder, “Is vaping smoking?” The answer is no. With traditional cigarettes, the tobacco is lit, which creates combustion. This is where the smoke comes from. During combustion, dangerous chemicals are released, and if you’re smoking, you’re inhaling them.

By contrast, the clouds created when vaping aren’t smoke, but instead, vapor. The e juice used in vapes is heated until it transforms from a liquid to a gas. This doesn’t introduce any additional chemicals into the equation — you’re inhaling exactly what you put into your e-cigarette.

Who Invented Vaping?

Vaping actually has a much longer history than most people think. While devices existed as early as 1930, the first modern vape was invented by Herbert A. Gilbert and patented in 1965. However, it wasn’t commercialized at the time, which means that few people even knew such technology existed.

It wasn’t until 1979 that a vape would be successfully commercialized. This was accomplished by Phil Ray and Norman Jacobson, who combined their respective computer and medical knowledge to create a device that was released to mainstream consumers, although it never gained traction. The pair is also credited with adding “vape” as a verb to the popular lexicon.

When Did Vaping Become Popular?

Vaping really started to take off in the early 2000s, when it was introduced to the European, Chinese and American markets. Starting in 2009, governments around the world began implementing bans in an attempt to keep the devices from being widely available. Rather than quashing the movement, however, such action drew attention to users and manufacturers, who successfully lobbied in many instances for the fair regulation of vapes and e-juice.

What Makes Vaping So Popular?

The number of vapers has skyrocketed over the past few years. But why has vaping become so popular now when it’s been around for so long? There are three main factors:

  • Better delivery systems
  • Introduction of flavours
  • The ubiquity of the internet

Mods and pods have made vaping easier than ever by lowering the threshold for newcomers who want a simple delivery device. A wide range of flavours provides users with something smoking just can’t compete with: great taste. Finally, social media platforms such as Twitter have allowed users from all over the world to share their vaping experiences.

What Are the Most Popular Trends?

Pods have become one of the biggest vaping trends and with good reason: they’re easy to use, come in an astounding variety of flavours, and deliver a huge hit of nicotine, making them popular with smokers.

Another trend on the rise is generating large clouds of vapor. Mods are generally preferred for this, as users can choose e-juice compositions to generate their preferred cloud effects.

What Is the Vaping Culture in Australia Like?

Australia has a lively vaping culture, with over 225,000 users as of 2019. However, the government has put a strict ban on the import and sale of e-juice that contains nicotine, making it difficult, though not impossible, for users to purchase.

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