Tropical Fruit Vape Bundles

The Best Tropical Fruit Vape Bundles 

Looking for a stay-at-home vacation? While you may not be able to go on a proper holiday right now, you can still slip into vacation mode with tropical fruit vape bundles designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. We’ve put together the perfect tropical vape flavours to make your staycation feel like a Caribbean beach getaway in the Pachamama Tropical Nic Salt Bundle.


This vape nic salt bundle comes with three iconic flavours to help you escape to mixed drinks and fruity scents found in tropical paradise vacations. Each flavour contains 30mL of premium nic salts and has customizable 25mg or 50mg nicotine strength.


Icy Mango Salts 

Enjoy the sweet and smooth taste of ripe mango combined with refreshing icy mint leaf, perfect for a day relaxing by the water or lounging in the sun. This chilled mango hit will cool you down on the hottest days, all while giving your day an exotic aftertaste.


Starfruit Grape Salts 

Discover the tangy taste of starfruit combined with sweet and subtle grape infused for a smooth exotic flavour, perfect for on-the-go adventures and late-night outings. If you can’t experience fresh starfruit on the beach, this tropical nic salt will give you the experience from the comfort of your home. 


Fuji Salts 

Explore the vibrant burst of flavour from crisp fuji apples and sweet in-season strawberries, perfect for camping or taking an afternoon outing in nature. Inhale balanced and subtle sweet aromas for a feel-good fruity experience.


These tropical flavours never grow old, as many vapers keep these in their arsenal for a daily hit of tropical flavour. The nic salt variations provide a stronger hit with less juice, meaning they will last longer than your typical e-juice. Just like their fruit counterparts, these nic salts go with any meal or adventure.


VaporFi is proud to supply over 30,000 vape flavour combinations to make sure you find the perfect flavour for each day. Discover flavours from icy menthol to fruity fuji e-juice today with VaporFi.

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