The Best Portable & Refillable Vapes for On-the-Go

If you have a busy, on the go lifestyle, e-cigarettes are the perfect device for you. E-cigs are lightweight, discreet, easy to stow, and super transportable. One of the best things about e-cigs is their easily refillable, mess-free cartridges. 


Before we dive into some of the best refillable e-cig carts and devices out there, let’s first take a closer look at the various types of e-cigs on the market. 


Types of E-Cigarettes 


There are several different types of e-cigarettes, all with different ways to refill or replace e-juice. 


Disposable E-cigarettes


With a disposable e-cig, the cartridge is built-in and fixed into the device itself – the cartridge is not removable. Therefore, you do not replace the e-cig cartridges in disposable e-cigs. You responsibly dispose of the entire device when the liquid is gone. 


Open System E-Cigarettes


Open system e-cigs usually have a clearomizer. A clearomizer is the piece of the e-cig where the liquid is stored. It’s usually completely transparent, or it has a clear window for the user to see how much juice is available, hence the name clearomizer. 


With open system e-cigs, you can see when your liquid is low, and you manually refill it from an e-liquid bottle. 


Closed System E-Cigarettes  


With a closed-system, refillable e-cig carts are used to reload the device. The e-juice is held within the cartridge itself – it’s not manually refilled. 


These types of refillable e-cig carts are a great option for simple, quick, and easy use. Just dispose of your empty cartridge, replace it with a new one, and you’re all set. Please note that not all e-cigs are compatible with all cartridges. 


How Do I Know When To Refill My E-Cigarette Cartridge?


With an open system e-cig, you’ll be able to see through the clearomizer that your e-juice is running low. Or, you’ll notice decreased flavour and vapour production. 


When using a closed system device, you won’t be able to see the level of juice, so be sure to pay attention to the way your vape performs. If the juice flavour tastes weak or you notice decreased vapour production, it’s time to reach for your e-cigarette cartridges and do a replacement.  


VaporFi Express E Cigarette 


VaporFi offers an excellent option among e-cigarette devices: the Express e-cigarette

It’s sleek, lightweight, and highly durable. This e-cig is known for a standout performance and its express cartridges allow you to easily reload and stay on your grind. 


The Express e-cigarette battery comes in two sizes: one standard capacity and one high capacity. 


The standard battery model is only available in automatic. Whereas the high capacity e-cigarette battery gives the option for automatic or manual switching. 


The Express battery is compatible with VaporFi Express Pre-filled Cartridges, VaporFi Express Refillable Cartridges, and VaporFi Express Mini-Clear Cartomizers.


VaporFi Express Refillable Cartridges 


The Express refillable cartridges are the answer to simple, no-hassle cartridge refilling. Each order you place gives you a five-pack of 1 ml cartridges. You can also customise your preferred nicotine level with each order. Check out these delicious and powerful Express cartridges: 


Express Mighty Menthol E-Cig Cartridges

  • Fresh, clear, cool taste of menthol
  • Available in 6, 12, 16, 18 or 24 ml of nicotine 


Express Sahara Gold E-Cig Cartridges

  • Small leaf Sahara gold tobacco taste and aromatic flavour
  • Available in 6, 12, 16, 18 or 24 ml of nicotine 


Express Blue Tobacco E-Cig Cartridges

  • Pure and smooth taste, great for vapers who love a tobacco e-cig
  • Available in 6, 12, 16, or 24 ml of nicotine 


Get Stocked Up 


Get stocked up e-cigarette cartridges and everything else you need for an awesome, stress-free e-cig vaping experience. 


At VaporFi, we can get you set with a standout e-cigarette battery and the best refillable cartridges out there. Whether you’re puffing on refreshing menthol, Sahara Gold Tobacco, or Blue Tobacco, each flavour will satisfy and have you reaching for more easy-to-swap out cartridges. 


So, what are you waiting for? The efficiency and ease of an e-cig is only a click or two away. Dive into all that VaporFi has to offer and don’t hesitate to contact us along the way. We want to help you enjoy your new cartridges as soon as possible! 

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