Now that many people are comfortable with the idea of vaping, a new technology is already hitting the streets, trying to push vaping aside. Smokeless cigarette products claim to be the answer that some smokers have been searching for. However, there is still room for concern as smokeless cigarettes are new and mostly untested regarding safety and reliability.

Just as vaping went through a long period of review and public concern, it should come as no surprise that we want to inspect smokeless cigarettes as well to determine whether or not they are truly a better alternative.

Finding Out What Smokeless Cigarettes Are

What are Smokeless Cigarettes?

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According to Phillip Morris, the creators of the first smokeless cigarettes, they are a device designed to taste and feel like a traditional cigarette with 90 percent fewer toxins on the inhale. Similar to vape mods, these devices come with a small, rechargeable battery pack that is used to heat up the tobacco inside.

However, instead of heating up liquid, these devices use mini tobacco packs that looks almost just like cigarettes, except shorter. These packets contain the nicotine that is being heated up and inhaled.

Do They Work?

The first question most people ask is whether or not these smokeless cigarettes work. The truth is that it’s hard to tell at this juncture. There are so few of these devices in production and so few people using them that it’s hard to get a solid review of whether or not they do what they say.

Also, the only information we have about what they’re supposed to do is coming from the manufacturer themselves. Normally, you wouldn’t want to write off a manufacturer of a new device that is supposed to help people make the switch from smoking, but in this case, there is a reason for concern.

Phillip Morris is one of the most notorious companies in the world for selling misinformation about their products. It’s debatable whether or not they even want to help people move away from smoking, or if they just want to substitute smoking with an equally addictive product.

What to Consider

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There are several aspects of smokeless e-cigs that are being called into question currently. First, it’s still not very clear what chemicals are being used in the tobacco packs that are available. As such, we don’t know if these packs include any harmful substances similar to traditional tobacco products.

By comparison, e-liquids are made up of just four ingredients that have been certified as safe for consumption.

Second, there isn’t much indication that these new smokeless e-cigs are designed to help you break the addictive cycle.

E-liquids come in a wide range of nicotine strengths, all the way down to zero nicotine. This system is designed to help you cut down your nicotine consumption a little at a time until you are vaping nicotine-free.

These new e-cigs appear to contain regular tobacco that provides a standard level of nicotine with no way to step down your nicotine content over time.

If “light” cigarettes are anything to go by, we already know that those products are no less harmful than regular strength cigarettes. So even if Phillip Morris does come out with a “light” version of their new smokeless product, will it be any healthier than the regular version?

Given the relative newness of this technology, there are also far fewer options available than you would find in the vapor sphere. Currently, Phillip Morris is the only company producing smokeless cigarettes for retail. While other cigarette companies claim to be coming out with their versions shortly, there is little in the way of competition.

Phillip Morris has a ton of marketing money, which many vapor manufacturers never had from the outset. Thus, they have launched mega-campaigns to entice smokers into trying their new products and may be claiming benefits that cannot be backed up as of yet.

When Will Research Arrive?

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Unfortunately for proponents of smokeless cigarettes, it will take years before new research supports their claims. In fact, even the best vape pens around today are still struggling to overcome a lack of research in the vaping industry, and they’ve been around for nearly a decade.

On the one hand, Phillip Morris has the money to fund their research but, again, we don’t know if we can trust results coming from inside the manufacturer’s walls. What we want is independent research – especially research that compares vaping and smokeless e-cigs side by side so we can see how they hold up.

Keep Vaping Alive

In the meantime, VaporFi is always here with the best vape pens in the industry, helping smokers make the switch and wean their way off of harmful tobacco products over time.

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