1349x461Product Review- VaporFi Express Classic Tobacco Starter Kit Bundle

Product Review: VaporFi Express Classic Tobacco Starter Kit Bundle

In the world of entry-level vaporizers, there are a few names that really stand out. The VaporFi Express is one of those special products that quickly took off and has remained a staple in the vapor community for those who want a simple device to replace their cigarettes. This kit is easy to use and looks and feels similar to a regular cigarette so you can adjust to it gradually. Here’s what you need to know before you buy.

Why the VaporFi Express is the Best Vape Starter Kit for You

Express Classic Tobacco Starter Kit Bundle

VaporFi Express Classic Tobacco Starter Kit

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At VaporFi we recognized a need for a high-quality personal vaporizer that offered comfort and support to those who were trying to wean away from cigarettes. Many new vapers complained that the existing cig-a-like devices were lackluster and didn’t provide the same relief from cravings that a cigarette would have. In the early days, this drove many people away from the technology before they even had a chance to appreciate it.

Thus, we entered the game with the Express cig-a-like, designed to look and feel just like a regular cigarette. This made it easy to handle and use without having to go through a complex setup process. The compact cartridges also made it possible to carry the device without having to carry extra liquid in bottles.

Most importantly, the Express is a powerhouse when it comes to vapor production. It is capable of producing an intense throat hit that is similar in nature to a traditional cigarette, which is often the feeling that was missing with previous cig-a-likes.

In addition, the Express has a smooth draw that isn’t too restrictive, so you can easily inhale and feel the vapor filling your lungs before you let it out. Some previous cig-a-likes were known for being way too restrictive or way too open so it was difficult to regulate your vaping on your own.

Many of these problems have been solved by the Express because it was designed with new vapers in mind. Making the switch to the Express feels familiar and makes the transition easier for those moving away from traditional cigarettes. With all of the advanced vaporizers on the market today, some people are weary of learning a whole new technology and having to set up a device using complex menus. The Express offers plug-and-play convenience that simply delivers great vapor every time.

The battery is easily charged using the included charging cord, and all you have to do is screw on the cartridge to start vaping. There are not a lot of components, and the cartridges are disposable so you can toss them out and load a new one in just seconds. The firing button is easy to use and you should become comfortable with it after a day or so of use.

The Liquid

Express Classic Tobacco Cartridges

VaporFi Express Classic Tobacco Cartridges

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Another big part of what has made the Express Classic Tobacco Starter Kit so popular is VaporFi’s own Classic Tobacco e-liquid flavor. Most people who successfully give up smoking in favor of vaping have done so with the help of a tobacco-flavored e-liquid. Again, this flavor creates the same kind of familiarity that you have with a regular cigarette, so it isn’t a shock to your system the first time you take a hit.

The kit comes with five Classic Tobacco flavor cartridges to get you started, which should get you through a week or more of regular vaping. You choose your nicotine level depending on what type of cigarettes you’re used to, and the VaporFi customer service team is available to help you determine which strength is best suited to your needs.

In general, 12- and 18-milligram strengths are most popular for new vapers. This flavor has earned five-star ratings all around for authenticity and quality, so you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Other Great Features

Giving up cigarettes is a pretty serious undertaking, so VaporFi has found a few ways to make the process simpler for everyone. First off, the Express vape starter kit bundle comes with everything you need to get started in just seconds. However, they have also put together a beginner’s bundle and a couple’s bundle, which are great for those who plan on giving up cigarettes with their partner or family member. You get a great deal on the whole package!

In addition, VaporFi put together a variety of accessories that make it even easier to carry your Express with you. This includes the padded carrying case that will keep your device safe. There is also a portable charging case that makes it even easier to keep your device powered up on the go! Finally, the VaporFi lanyard will keep you from dropping your device and potentially damaging it.

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Essentially, VaporFi thought of just about everything they could to make the Express the successful product that it is today. From the device itself to the e-liquid bundles and accessories, there are tons of reasons that this has become the number one choice for smokers hoping to make the switch.

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