VaporFi has long been one of the most dependable names in the vaping industry, and with the latest release of the Air 2 Mini Vaporizer Pen it’s no surprise that people are falling in love all over again. After the success of the original Air, VaporFi went in for a second helping by improving the technology and making the device even easier to use.

Let’s take a look at what has made the Air 2 such an impressive addition to the already illustrious VaporFi family.

Air 2 Mini Vaporizer

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Exterior Design

Air 2 Mini Design VaporFi AU

While many mini vapes have sought to mimic the look of their larger box mod counterparts, the Air 2 is actually more of a thin stick-like vape than anything else. It is shorter than the typical ink pen and fits flat across the palm of your hand. It comes in either white or black with few frills on the outside.

The mouthpiece blends into the top of the device with a slight taper that fits well between the lips. The firing button is located midway up the body so you can easily reach it with your fingers. In addition, a simple viewing window lets you see how much liquid you have left in the integrated tank.

The body also encases a powerful little battery that is recharged via a mini USB port tucked cleverly into the narrow side of the body. This makes it possible to vape while keeping your device plugged in, just in case you run out of battery during the day.

The Specs

Air 2 Mini Specs and Features VaporFi AU

With a device so small and simple, you’re probably wondering what kind of power this thing packs. To start with, the Air 2 is set to provide an adequate 15-watt output. If you’re coming from a super powerful advanced vaporizer, this may not seem like much, but since this device is really made for entry-level vaping, that 15W goes a long ways. In fact, the heat and vapor produced by this little guy makes it feel very similar to a traditional cigarette.

The device also comes with a trim 350 mAh battery. This is quite enough battery to get you through a few standard vaping sessions before you need to recharge. If anything, there is a positive element to the smaller battery: it limits the length of your vaping sessions somewhat.

Many new vapers report that when they initially take up vaping, they have a hard time knowing when their session is up since the vaporizer doesn’t burn down to their fingers and let them know. If you aren’t used to timing yourself during your regular smoke breaks, this device can help keep you aware of how much vaping you are doing.

Finally, the Air 2 features a built in 1.4-milliliter tank. This tank is easily refilled from the top and you can clearly see the fill line to keep from flooding your device. This means that you can start vaping with a traditional tobacco flavor, but you can eventually move on to explore a wide range of other e-liquid flavors once you are comfortable with the process.

In addition, when you buy the Air 2 Bundle Kit, you actually receive a 30-ml bottle of e-liquid in the package. You can choose from one of VaporFi’s already great flavors, or you can create a custom flavor all your own.

What Makes the Air 2 Great?

There are many mini vaporizers on the market today, so what makes the Air 2 the best mini vaporizer for you? First of all, the intuitive one-button design is ideal for first-time vapers. VaporFi spent a lot of time creating the perfect balance between power and performance for this one. They arrived at their 15W configuration based on both flavor and vapor production.

On a side note, VaporFi also added a special feature to the Air 2 allowing you to switch over to oil atomizers so you can use your device with your favorite oil concentrates. This is a feature that you won’t find in any other entry-level vapes, and you definitely won’t find it in cig-a-likes.

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To learn more about VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer reviews, make sure to check out the product on the VaporFi site and read what our customers have to say. The Air 2 is one of the most popular mini vaporizer options around today for helping people transition to vaping and sticking with it.

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