Product Review- VAIO MINI_VaporFi AU

Product Review: VAIO MINI

The VAIO Mini is finally here and the reasons to love it are plentiful. With so many all-in-one devices hitting the market at once, it can be difficult to decide which one is best suited to your vaping needs. The good news is that the VAIO Mini has a lot to offer, and its unique mini size has made it a huge hit. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this tiny gem.

First Look

First Look_VaporFi AU

As you unwrap the box, the very first thing you will notice is that the VaporFi VAIO Mini looks absolutely nothing like any of their other devices. It doesn’t have a large intimidating boxy look. It isn’t done in the plain, but shiny, stainless steel of their other devices. Rather, it is very, very small and remarkably curvy. The exterior of the box comes in five great colors including a deep purple and navy blue. The outer coating is made of a nice rubberized material which serves several purposes, including making it easier to carry. The mouthpiece is a glossy black molded piece that feels comfortable in the mouth, and the whole contraption fits easily between three fingers.

The Technology

The Technology_VaporFi AU

The VAIO Mini is basically made up of two major pieces: the mouthpiece and the body. The upper mouthpiece section simply pops off the top of the device altogether, bringing the atomizer base and the coil with it. This is relatively easy to do, except for the fact that the glossy finish of the mouthpiece makes it difficult to grip sometimes. Nevertheless, you can disassemble the whole thing in about ten seconds. The long atomizer stem comes apart into two pieces so you can simply unscrew your coil and put a new one in whenever you need. Then you just drop it back down into the slot where it mates up perfectly with your chimney. VaporFi starts you off with two 1.0 Ohm coils, which are perfectly matched to the style and size of this device.

With the device re-assembled, you’ll find a tiny flap or lever on the front of the main body, a portal through which you can refill your tank. The tank holds two ml of vape liquid, which isn’t much if you’re coming from a full-size device, like a vape mod, but it is quite impressive amidst the other mini devices on the market. All you need to do is slowly drip your liquid through the little port and you will have your device ready to go in no time. You can check your liquid capacity from the viewing window cut into the front face.

On the other side of the device is the built-in charging port, which allows you to quickly charge your device via USB. You will also notice four tiny LED lights, which are used to indicate your vaporizer battery level. This device is designed for plug-and-play use so there are no layered menus or complex settings to fiddle with. Just hit the firing button and vape away.


Performance_VaporFi AU

If you’re an experienced vaper you will almost certainly recognize this device as a strong mouth to lung contender. VaporFi has been pretty clear about stating that this device is not exactly aimed at direct lung vapers. While you could use it that way, you will notice that the airflow ports in this device are set up to be fairly restrictive, which can make direct lung vaping difficult.

That said, as a mouth to lung vaper, the VAIO Mini does admirably. For its size, it produces a strong vapor cloud that isn’t too thin. The flavors are not quite as bright as what you would get out of a sub-ohm coil, but it also isn’t going to burn your tongue with the short vapor path. The constant voltage output is predictable and dependable, and it’s enough to get the job done when you can’t carry a full-size rig with you. There isn’t much of a learning curve, other than the first time you go to drip your favorite e-juice into your tank. Otherwise, you can take this straight out of the box, prime your atomizer, and vape in minutes.

As far as ultra-compact vapes go, you couldn’t ask more from this little guy. It delivers many of the same user-friendly features of the larger VAIO devices, just toned down a bit to fit in the smaller form factor. VaporFi was graciously aware of how this difference would impact the way the vapor feels, and they did a great job of managing the heat with a short chimney and a heat-resistant outer coating that protects you and the device. They also gave you plenty of colorful options, a bundle pack to choose from, and a snazzy new look that stands out from their traditional designs. You definitely won’t mistake this one for any of the other AIOs out there.

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