The V-Grip 75 is an essential mid-range vaporizer from the VaporFi family. It is one of our latest devices to feature interchangeable batteries and a sleek new exterior design. It packs a pretty big punch in a small, elegant package. This guide will take you through the ins and outs of the device so you can see why it’s so special.

Out of the Box

The V-Grip 75 is an incredibly compact device that bridges the gap between a large pen style vape and a smaller box mod. It is tall and slim, and the curved edges make it fit well into your hand. The body comes in either black or stainless steel in a smooth finish. You’ll notice that the screen takes up much of the front of the device and fits neatly into the curved end. As you roll the device over in your hand, you’ll discover a full-size firing bar running the length of the body. With a slight tug, you can open the firing bar up and discover the inner battery compartment. This design is particularly interesting because it knocks out two birds with one stone, and still gives you a nice hefty, tactile feel when you press the firing button in.

While we’re here, it’s worth noting that there is a handy locking feature designed to keep you from accidentally firing your device while it rides around in your pocket. Like most other devices, there are other safety features in place, but the locking mechanism on the firing bar is really your first defense against something going wrong.

The Specs

The Specs_VaporFi AU
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With such a simple exterior design it’s time to move on to the real meat of what the V-Grip 75 has to offer. First off, it is a 75W TC Mod. The large OLED screen on the front provides you with a clean and clear menu by which you can set up your temperature control preferences to get started. The small rocker buttons near the bottom guide you through the process smoothly. VaporFi has done a great job of proving that 75W is more than enough for the average, everyday vaper to enjoy without having to go overboard.

Despite the relatively small profile of the device, the top threads actually give you support for up to a 24mm tank. This device only takes a single 18650 battery, which fits neatly beneath the firing bar. If you purchase the device in the bundle pack from VaporFi, you can choose from three different tank options which each offer a 3.5-4.0 mL capacity.

The device is adjustable from 1-75W and from 200°-600°F. It is compatible with Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils, making it extremely versatile even for seasoned TC vapers. VaporFi was kind enough to include a Bypass mode for our more experienced vapers. This allows you to go into a straight voltage output and manually fire your device to your heart’s content.

The Performance

The Performance_VaporFi AU
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Of course, it really all comes down to how well the device performs when we put it through its paces. The good news is that the V-Grip 75 delivers on all of its promises, and then some! The 75W power is more than satisfying, especially for the small size and stature of the device. It outperforms other stealth style devices in this size range by offering a higher power rating than many of its competitors.

Overall, the vapor production is strong with this device, and the ability to pair it with your favorite full-size tank really adds to the performance and allure. You’ll notice that there are a handful of tiny ventilation holes visible on the body of the device, which does help dissipate some heat, but it can get pretty toasty.

After setting up with several different coil types, we can say with confidence that the V-Grip really does all it says it can. A nice sub-ohm coil produces a large plume of bright, flavorful vapor that fills the room. It doesn’t feel too restrictive or weak.

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The V-Grip 75 is at the crossroads of perfect sizing and ideal power. The temperature control settings live up to their full-size counterparts so you don’t feel like you’re losing out on key functions just by going to a mini vape. The size of the device is comfortable without feeling cheap or underwhelming. The finish is similar to that of other VaporFi products, so you can expect a durable, long life. Plus, VaporFi is offering the V-Grip 75 in a bundle package so you can get your hands on a great matching tank and a bottle of e-liquid to get started.

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