Is Passive Vaping Harmful?

According to the UK National Health Service (NHS), there are “no identified health risks” in secondhand vapor; whereas secondhand smoke is known to contain more than 4,000 carcinogens.

The NHS found that frequent exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and health disease. On the other hand, an evidence based report by Public Health England (PHE) provided some research suggesting that e-cigarettes are saving lives.

The report concluded that vaping poses a significantly smaller amount of risks as opposed to smoking.

As many know, due to the Smoke-free Environment Regulation 2016 in conjunction with the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000, smoking cigarettes is banned in all enclosed places in Australia and in some outdoor venues in NSW.

The information found in this article was in part gathered from C-Store. Please click the link below to learn more about this story.

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