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Nicotine Salts – What They Are and Why They’re So Popular

Though relatively new to the market, nicotine salts are fast becoming the e-juice of choice for many vapers. They’re a major factor to the success of the industry titan Juul, and many companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

So why are these products getting so popular so fast? There are a few reasons, most of which are firmly rooted in these e-liquids’ unique chemistry. To fully understand the factors at play, let’s take a look at what nicotine salts are and how their composition influences the vaping experience.

What Are Nicotine Salts?

Despite the name, nicotine salts are actually a liquid like any other e-juice. “Salt” describes the chemical composition, which has a neutral or near-neutral PH level. Interestingly enough, this substance is naturally occurring in tobacco leaves. However, you’d be extremely disappointed if you tried to smoke unprocessed tobacco leaves.

In their natural state, nic salts must be heated to a very high temperature for the nicotine to be released. Once released, the ions don’t interact with the human body’s receptors as easily as processed nicotine, meaning you need more to feel the same effects as traditional e-juice or cigarettes.

To be usable, natural nic salts need to be combined with benzoic acid. This compound produces more absorbable nicotine and has a lower vaporizing temperature.

How Are They Different From Other E Liquids?

Most e-juice contains free-base nicotine, which is nicotine chemically separated from the natural salts. This product is considered the “purest” form of nicotine and was the standard for a long time due to its many advantages:

  • Lower vaporizing temperature
  • Less intense throat hit
  • Easy absorbability

Traditional e-liquid is also ideal for sub-ohm vaping, which produces large vapor clouds. Hobbyists who are interested in customizing their experience are more likely to gravitate to traditional e-liquid due to the wider range of device and vape juice composition choices.

What Kind of Device Do You Need To Vape Nicotine Salts?

When you’re vaping nicotine salts, you need a device that can produce the correct temperature to create vapor. These tend to be low-wattage. While you can find vapes and mods that are designed to use salts, the most popular devices by far are pods and cartridges.

Introduced by Juul, pods are the ultimate convenience; instead of filling your device with carefully measured liquid, you simply pop in a pre-made cartridge and you’re good to go. In fact, the concept behind pods works best with nicotine salts because of their chemical stability and high nicotine content.

What Makes Salts So Popular?

Now that we’ve explored the science, let’s talk about why nicotine salts are becoming top sellers. One of the biggest reasons, unsurprisingly, is that you get a lot more nicotine per hit from salts than you do with freebase e-juice. This makes it the perfect transitioning tool for smokers who want to take up vaping but are used to high levels of nicotine.

Even if getting a fix isn’t your main priority, salts have several advantages over free-base nicotine:

  • More intense flavours, since the chemical composition is less likely to interfere with flavour profiles
  • Less liquid used to receive the same amount of nicotine
  • Less intense throat-hit for users who want more nicotine but dislike the harshness that accompanies free-base vape juice

What Brands Sell These Products?

Juul is obviously a top choice with a number of flavours available, but other companies are tapping into the nic salt market. Naked 100 is raising the stakes with delicious combinations such as Polar Freeze, while Salty Man and Mad Hatter are upping the ante with candy flavours.

Want to see what’s available in the nic salt world? VaporFi AU has a wide selection of top brands that delight the senses without emptying your wallet. Give us a call at 1-800-154-693 to learn more about our offered products.

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