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Without further ado, we are pleased to announce that VaporFi AU, our Australian counterpart that has become such a huge part of the VaporFi family, now carries nicotine salts. We’re jumping out of the gate with a slew of brands that spread across the entire industry, from award-winning flavours to the industry’s most popular brands.

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What Are Nicotine Salts?


Traditional nicotine e-liquids have become a part of our daily regimen, and while there were many choices on flavours and ratios, there were only a select amount of lower nicotine options, while higher nicotine options were obsolete. With the introduction of vapour pod systems, nicotine salts were created, sporting higher nicotine strengths for a more satisfying experience and lower pH levels for smooth and consistent draws. Now that nicotine salts have had time to develop, along with allowing time for brands to familiarise themselves with this new formula, many of your favorite brands now offer the same great flavours you’ve come to know and love, using the industry’s latest craze, nicotine salts.

VaporFi Watermelon Wave Salts

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The Best Nicotine Salt Brands & Flavours


At VaporFi, we believe that creating the ultimate selection of e-liquids is one way we earn our customers’ business. Providing an extraordinary amount of options is a demand we always strive to fulfill, and adding nicotine salts in a variety of flavours, from many brands, is how we’re meeting those demands and showing our appreciation to the VaporFi family. As you take time to familiarise yourself with the heavy upload of new nicotine salt flavours, we want to take the time to point out some of the industry’s most recognised brands and their recent release of the hottest nicotine salt e-liquid flavours. For instance, Naked 100 Salts delivers many of your favorites, such as Hawaiian POG, Lava Flow, Brain Freeze and more. Propaganda offers a hefty dose of flavours in its nicotine salts, such as Blue Slushee and Cookie Butter just to name a couple. When visiting the VaporFi store, you’ll find nicotine salts from brands like Mad Hatter, Aqua and Pachamama, and we’re adding more!

Banana nic salt Jam Monster

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High-Quality Nicotine Salts


As many are aware, not all e-liquids are created equal, and there is no exception for nicotine salts. In knowing this, we plan to continue providing only the best flavours with incredible quality, and only from the industry’s most recognised brands. We already carry more than fifteen nicotine salt brands, all of which have developed an outstanding line of flavours that have been designed and crafted to perfection to deliver a brilliant taste. These brands present excellent quality, each draw is smooth as butter, and your taste buds will be through the roof as you experience a burst of flavour from each bottle.


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Scroll through our entire menu of new nicotine salts and enjoy the option of choosing anything from a traditional tobacco flavour to a sour candy chew, and everything in between. We truly have a flavour for every taste, and it’s now available in the nicotine salts formula. Your options at VaporFi AU are expanding and we are glad that we have such a fascinating team that can put together such a masterful list of salt nic e-liquids. With the help of our dedicated team and your consistent feedback, we will be able to continuously provide VaporFi AU customers with only the industry’s best vapour products!

Naked 100 Hawaiian POG Nicotine Salt

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