The sale of e-cigs with nicotine in Australia, which is classified as a poison, will remain prohibited despite protests from liberal MPs and a year-long inquiry by a parliamentary committee.

In its much anticipated report, the majority of the Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport supported the status quo, saying “current regulatory arrangements for nicotine e-cigarettes remain appropriate” and “further research into the health impacts is needed”.

The committee that traditionally delivers consensus reports was split along party lines in its decision. Three liberal members, including chairman Trent Zimmerman, submitted two contradicting reports to the committee’s ruling – stating smokers who struggle to quit should have the option to turn to electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDs) such as vaporizers.

“Life is short and shorter for smokers. Just legalise vaping,” wrote Liberal MP Andrew Laming in an extremely pithy, 10-word dissenting report.

To clarify, it is legal to buy vaping devices in Australia; just not ones containing nicotine. You can order nicotine vape juices, including tobacco and menthol flavored e-liquids, from VaporFi and ship it to Australia.

This story was first reported in The Sydney Morning Herald.

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