May Vape Juice of the Month: Very Berry Ice Will Put a Chill on You!

This month we’ve got something seriously cool in store for you as our Juice of the Month for May! You guys, we are really spoiling you this time around: none other than the phenomenal Very Berry Ice vape juice, one of our VaporFi Specialty juices will be on special, with 60ml bottles running for 25% off, all month long! Sounds great, right? This flavor is beyond refreshing and it has been one of our fan-faves since it was first created. A price this good is not to be missed, vape fam! We urge you to jump on this one and vape it happily!

Very Berry Ice E Juice
Very Berry Ice E Juice- May’s Juice of the Month

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Refreshing Fruity Flavor

This month’s Juice of the Month, Very Berry Ice, is beyond delicious. It’s the perfect, refreshing flavor that combines the tastes of a slushie with endless berries, offering an icy blast with every vape. If you have yet to experience it, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the savings and grab yourself a few bottles! This is vaping on a whole new level!

Cool E-Juice that Taste Like a Tropical Vacay

What we love about this flavor is that it’s great any time. It’s the ideal all day vape, and if you’re into fruity flavors, it will totally scratch that itch for you. There’s a perfectly sound reason it has been wildly popular since it first came out; it’s a treat for the senses! Imagine you’re on vacation in the most idyllic tropical setting, kicking back in a lounge chair, being served drinks to match the scene. The flavor is fresh and cool, relaxing yet rejuvenating, perfectly tangy but so indulgent. What you’re being served is Very Berry Ice; it’s like the most quenching daiquiri; you never want this moment to end!

berries and ice

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Part Slushie, Part Frozen Cocktail

Very Berry Ice vape juice isn’t just a fruit flavor; it’s an experience. It all starts off with Watermelon Wave, offering the smoothest, most refreshing base flavor. This quickly makes way for the cool, icy blast of Colada, which offers a very luxurious complement to the watermelon, creating a flavor that is both juicy and creamy. Taking things up another level comes the burst of blueberries and raspberries, creating the bold, “Very Berry” aspect of this juicy, fruity taste. Landing somewhere between a smoothie and a frozen fruity cocktail, this juice offers up a mouthful of flavor that won’t be getting lame anytime soon!

Our Juice of the Month is a special we run every month, allowing us to shine a light on a particular flavor we think you need to know about. With a collection that spans over 30,000 different vape juice possibilities, it’s hard to cover them all, and it’s even harder to know where to start sometimes. The Juice of the Month is our way of saying, “You’ve got to try this one!” It’s different every time and we promise to offer great flavor no matter what. Your satisfaction is our aim!

Very Berry Ice E Liquid of the Month

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For the month of May, you couldn’t ask for a more delightful vape than VaporFi’s Specialty juice, Very Berry Ice vape juice! This flavor is truly one of a kind and it will surely blow your socks off! All month long, you get the chance to grab 60ml bottles at 25%, so we highly recommend you do so! May is looking really delicious; vape on, vape fam!


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