Did you know that priming your vaping device coils is one of the best ways to improve the flavor of your vape and extend the life of your coils? There are several different methods for how to prime a coil, and the choice is up to you, but whatever way you choose, you are sure to see an improvement in your overall vaping experience every time you change your coils.

Getting Started

Here’s what you need to know.

Priming with a Dropper

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The best way to ensure that your coil is properly primed before you take your first hit is with the help of a dropper and some fresh e-liquid. Once you have the coil installed and your wick in place, all you have to do is use your e-liquid dropper to put a couple drops of liquid directly into the ports where you can see the wick. This will ensure that all parts of the wick, including the top part closest to the coil, are sufficiently saturated before you take a hit. It also cuts down on the amount of time it takes to bring the e-juice up from the tank.

Priming with Suction

If you do not have a dropper available to help you prime your coils, worry not. Your wick is designed to naturally draw liquid up over time. In theory, if you filled your tank and left it to sit for about half an hour, your wick would eventually become saturated all on its own. Of course, you probably don’t want to wait that long to vape after changing your coils, and there is no good way to verify that the wick is completely saturated this way.

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Instead, you can assist this process by taking a few draws on your vaporizer without hitting the power button. This will create a little bit of suction that pulls more liquid up to the coils without producing a dry hit. In between each pull, give your wick a minute or two to absorb the vape juice you pulled up. You may need to cover the airflow ports with your fingers to get enough suction. Just make sure you don’t flood your coils using this method.

Break In the Coil

As for the coil itself, it also requires some care. The best practice is to start your voltage low and take several short hits while slowly increasing the voltage up to your regular vaping settings. This will gently work your coil up to the temperature that you want without causing dry hits.

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