A burning smell or taste can ruin any great vaping session.  If your disposable vape tastes burnt, you might be wondering what you could be doing differently to avoid it. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of that awful taste altogether so you can enjoy more from your favorite e-liquids.

4 Potential Reasons for Your Disposable Vape Tasting Burnt

Here’s why you get that burnt flavor and what you should do to prevent it:

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Check Your Liquid Level

New vapers sometimes get carried away and forget to refill their tanks before the liquid is too low. This can also happen if you’re using a different e-liquid mix and your device burns through the liquid faster than you are used to. Check your vape’s tank and make sure it isn’t empty.

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Check Your Coils and Wick

If the liquid isn’t the problem, it could be that your coils and wick are burnt out. First off, you should always make sure to prime your wicks when you first install them to be sure that you aren’t getting a dry hit right off the cuff. When you look at your coil, make sure that the coil and wick are clean, not discolored or full of gunk. If they appear old and covered in waxy residue, it’s time to swap them out completely.

Pace Yourself

Great vaping is a matter of balancing power, liquid properties, and your hits. If your power is turned up too high, your system could be vaporizing the liquid faster than your wick can pick it up. This can be remedied by turning your power down slightly. Also, if you are taking too many hits too close together, try slowing down to give your wick a little more time to gather fresh juice.

Choose a New Liquid

If your vape still tastes like something burning after all of the above, it’s possible that your liquid is the culprit. A liquid that is too thick could be clogging up your system and not vaporizing properly. Also, liquids with too much sweetener tend to produce more residue on coils. A liquid that has been exposed to cold temperatures could be too thick to vaporize, and liquid that has been exposed to heat may have separated and permanently damaged the flavor. When all else fails, try a fresh bottle of liquid and see what happens.

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More than likely you will discover how to get rid of the bad, burnt taste in your vape through a combination of the above methods. If you still have questions, visit VaporFi’s blog to learn more and shop our online vape juice collection for plenty of fun new flavors to try.

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