Over the past decade, electronic cigarettes have slowly but surely begun to replace traditional cigarettes in many smokers’ lives as a source of nicotine. Smokers making the switch often buy their ECs with the expectation that they’ll be receiving the nicotine fix they’re accustomed to without the buildup of tar and other harmful chemicals from normal tobacco products accumulating on their lungs. By and large, this assumption is correct. Vapes and other forms of ECs get smokers the nicotine they crave with an aerosol that contains far fewer toxins than combustible tobacco products. Even so, have you ever stopped to ask yourself exactly how much nicotine is in an electronic cigarette?

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The Variables

The truth is, it’s impossible to pinpoint an exact amount of nicotine in any specific EC without doing a thorough study. This is because designs vary so wildly from brand to brand. There are a number of different issues that affect how much nicotine users receive with each puff:

  • The brand of the EC
  • The style of the EC (vape, pen, hookah, etc.)
  • Modifications
  • The size of the drag a user takes
  • The type of juice being used

According to scientific research, each and every one of these factors directly impacts how much nicotine users of ECs receive with each puff of their device.

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The Effective Dose

Yet another thing to consider when it comes to estimating the amount of nicotine in an EC is that the labeled amount of nicotine on a refill cartridge is not what you’ll always receive when using the juice. While the amount of nicotine stated on the label is likely accurate, not all of it is vaporized when the heat source is triggered. Furthermore, EC users typically don’t breathe in every single ounce of aerosol that comes from the product, leading to a further loss of nicotine. The nicotine lost to the burner and to the surrounding air can’t be considered an effective dose because it’s never absorbed.

On average, users actually only inhale around 50–60 percent of the nicotine highlighted on a refill’s label. This, of course, is subject to change depending on the efficiency of the product in question.

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At the end of the day, the amount of nicotine you receive with each puff depends on the type of vape you have, the type of juice you’re using, the size of the pull you take, and many other variables. Figuring out the right balance for your personal use is all about experimentation and new experiences. Explore VaporFi’s vast online selection of electronic cigarettes to find exactly what you need.

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