How Long Has Vaping Been Around

E-Cigarette Vaporizers: How Long Has Vaping Been Around and How was it Started?


Just about everybody these days has heard about vaping, but you may be surprised to find out that it has been around a lot longer than you think. Yes, the current version of vaping is relatively new, but vaping as a whole has already undergone several generations of changes to reach this point. When was vaping invented? Here’s the background:

The First Vape Ever Made

When did vaping start?  Way back in 1963. Yes, more than five decades ago, the concept of vaping was already stirring. A man by the name of Herbert Gilbert first patented his concept for an electronic cigarette. By this point, humans had been smoking tobacco products for a very, very long time, but Gilbert felt that the smoke itself was unpleasant and carried some negative effects. He wanted to find a way to enjoy tobacco without actually burning the material. His patent was filed, and he attempted to get major manufacturers on board, to no avail.

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The Modern History of Vaping

After Gilbert’s early attempts at creating an electronic cigarette, the idea remained idle for many years. The patent was still in effect so no manufacturer picked up the plight. That is, until a man named Hon Lik became inspired to find a safer alternative to smoking after losing a family member to cancer. He set out to create an electronic cigarette that would serve as a direct substitute for smokers, with the same look and feel as a traditional cigarette. It was released in China in 2003 and made its way into the Western world in 2006 after several years of testing and approvals.

How long has vaping been popular? After 2006, the market for modern vaporizers really blossomed. Within the first few years, many new manufacturers popped into the scene, creating their own versions of the liquid, charger, battery systems and more. As these products became more popular, the demand for higher-powered and better-tasting vaporizers came about. And that’s why we have the vape mods that we have today.

Aside from the work of Hon Lik and Herbert Gilbert, there were many other contributors who tried their hand at smoke-free alternatives. These contributions included several patented products between 1930 and the 1990s, many of which never gained any steam. The next time someone tells you that vaping is on its way out, you can remind them that it’s been here for a very long time already, and it is only getting better as we get smarter about how we vape. To learn more about vaping today, visit VaporFi online!

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