The lifespan of a disposable vape cartridge can vary greatly depending on the brand and how the cartridge is used. As we have gotten better at building quality disposable vaporizer products, such as cartridges, they tend to last longer. This produces a more consistent experience for users.

Here is what to expect when buying cartridges:

What are Disposable Vape Cartridges?

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A disposable cartridge is any e-cigarette cartridge that is meant to be taken out and thrown away when the liquid inside of it runs out. These cartridges do not come with the ability to refill or recharge. When they become empty, there is nothing left to do but throw them away. These contraptions are also meant to be more convenient to use. Because you do not have to throw out your vaping device entirely, they are also more cost-effective for consumers. The only thing meant to be replaced is the flavor cartridge, and the vaporizer itself can be held on to.

How Long Does a Vape Pod Last?

The lifespan of a disposable cartridge depends on how much e-liquid is in the cartridge and how strong that liquid is. A vape cartridge containing a weaker e-juice will typically last for a shorter period as users will vape it more often in an attempt to maintain effects. In contrast, a cartridge filled with a very potent liquid will last longer because it is not necessary to take as many hits. Also, one’s rate of usage plays a big indicator of a cartridge’s lifespan. The length of the hits you take and the frequency of your vaping sessions will also determine how fast the liquid inside the cartridges is consumed.

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How long do vapes last on average?

Regular users can expect to get several days out of a disposable cartridge, whereas those who use their vape devices sporadically can expect their cartridges to last for weeks.

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