For many people, vaping with cartridges is a quick and simple way to get started without having to worry about the complexities of e-liquid bottles, tanks, and coils. However, most e-liquid cartridges do not give you any indication of when they are running low on liquid until they are done. Here’s how to know when your vape pen is empty. 


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How Do You Know When your vape is out of Juice?

The best way to learn when your vape pen is empty is to know what it is like when it is full. In general, when your cartridge is full, it is heavy in your hand and you will be able to hear liquid inside if you hold it to your ear. You may even be able to see the liquid inside if you hold it up to the light or if the manufacturer added a viewing window in the side of the cartridge. Depending on what type of device you’re vaping, you may also be able to smell the cartridge and get a strong scent from the flavour. In addition, when you plug a full vape in and take a hit, your vapor cloud will be full and flavourful.

How Do You Know When Your Vape Pen is Empty?

In contrast to a full vape, when your cartridge is running low, there will be several signs to watch for. It will be lighter in your hand and you will hear much less liquid inside. If you hold it up to the light, you may not see any liquid at all because it will all be absorbed. Also, as you vape, any scent coming from the cartridge will be depleted and will slowly be replaced with a more pungent, smoky scent. This burnt smell gets stronger as the cotton wick material dries out inside. If you have a viewing window in your cartridge, you will see that the cotton turns an orange color as the liquid is used up. Finally, when you try to take a hit, you will probably be greeted with a strong burnt flavour that will unmistakably tell you that there is no more tasty liquid left inside. Additionally, your vapor cloud will be strangled rather than voluminous and full.

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Don’t run on empty! The best thing to do is always keep a spare vape cartridge on hand just in case yours runs out before you expected. Once you get more familiar with your device, you will know how many hits you can expect from each cartridge before needing a replacement. VaporFi Australia has a full selection of vape pen cartridges in stock to keep you vaping all day — plus we ship for free!

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