Knowing just when to change your vape coils is a matter of getting familiar with your device and how it functions. If you pay close enough attention, there will be audible, visual, and taste clues that will tell you that the time is right. Change your coils too soon, and you could be wasting money, but change them too late, and you could ruin your vaping experience.

How Do I Know When it’s Time?

There are a few easy to spot signs that your coil is burning out and needs to be changed. First, you may start to hear a gurgling noise coming from your vaporizer’s tank. This happens when your coils get gunked up and can’t vaporize the liquid fast enough. The coils get flooded with e-liquid while they are trying to keep up, producing this strange sound. If left for too long, the flooding of your tank will reach a point where your tank is visibly leaking. This is another cue.

As far as flavors go, your e-juice will start to taste funny long before the coil burns out for good. At first, it might start to take on a slightly smoky flavor that isn’t quite right. The flavor will continue to change until you are getting dry, burnt hits that burn your throat. Hopefully, you will catch the warning signs long before you get to this point!

Finally, you should always keep track of the age of your coils. The longer coils sit in your tank; the more residue builds upon them. If you are a light vaper, you may be able to leave a coil in your device up to a month, but for regular vaping, you won’t want to leave a coil more than two weeks.

How Do I Change the Coils?

The good news is that changing your coils shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. In most cases, all you have to do is remove your tank, unscrew your coil, and put the new one in. On more advanced devices and mods, you may need special tools to free your coils from the clamps or poles that hold it in place. When you are done replacing your coil, make sure that you prime it properly before you put your tank back together and take your first hit.

Failure to prime your coils could give you a burnt taste before you even get to enjoy the fresh wire.

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That’s all there is to keeping your vape tasting great by staying on top of your coils. Don’t let your coils go bad by missing the warning signs! Make sure you have spares on hand with coil packs from VaporFi.

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