Vaping has exploded from a curiosity and fad into a global industry ever since Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik modernized the e-cig and brought it back into public awareness. Today, e-cigs come in a variety of forms, catering to users of all kinds. Vape pods, a newer form of vaporizer, are an increasingly popular option for newbies, casual users, and frequent vapers alike. Picking out a pod, especially if it’s your first e-cig, can seem daunting with the breadth of options available. However, you’ll find some insight into purchasing and using a new vape pod through this guide.

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What are Vape Pods?

The two most familiar models of electronic cigs are vape pens and box mods. Vape pens are discrete and inexpensive, but the battery is weaker and many find pens have lower-quality coils. Box mods are a favorite of hardcore vapers for power and style, but the complexity – and lack of subtlety – can turn away more casual users.

Pod systems take on a middle ground, being portable and straightforward to use while carrying stronger batteries. This gives them a broad appeal, especially for new vapers transitioning away from tobacco products. They also have some unique features that stand out:

  • Vape pods are designed to be highly intuitive to use – pre-assembled, easy to refill and recharge, with minimal moving parts.
  • Many models use self-contained cartridges that feature e-juice, coil, and wick all in one, so less maintenance is needed and leaks are far rarer.
  • Pods can be compatible with e-juice containing more nicotine, useful for former smokers.
  • Models are common within the $20-40 range, in contrast to $100+ box mods.

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How Pods are Used?

A newcomer seeking a guide to vaping may find the breadth of terms and components involved to be daunting. Fortunately, pods offer a simpler entry point while still working on the same fundamental principles as vape pens or box mods. An e-cig is made up of three essential parts:

  1. A battery, housed in a mod, that provides power to the device;
  2. A wire coil, which heats up when powered – in turn, this heats up e-juice drawn into wicks to produce vapor;
  3. A tank that contains the e-liquid, as well as the coil and wicks.

Pod systems are often designed to be activated by the user’s breath, emulating a traditional cigarette. Besides being simpler than the multiple buttons that make up a box mod’s interface, this helps tobacco users seeking to quit by taking up vaping instead.

Regular maintenance is vital to preserve the flavor and draw of vaping. A decrease in vapor quality is the common sign that you need to replace the coil and clean the tank, and you can find these supplies at any vape retailer. “Closed system” pods, however, use replaceable cartridges that contain the e-juice and coil together, circumventing most of the maintenance required.


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Choosing a New Pod

A beginner typically can safely ignore finer details like coil resistance and sub-ohm tanks until they get a feel for what they want from their vaping experience. Pods, especially closed system pods, are excellent for this due to them being more self-contained. Even so, make sure to read up on a product you’re interested in before buying, and note which cartridges or e-liquids are compatible with it. If you opt for an open pod system, the tank is the primary component that you need to compare with vape juice to determine compatibility. You may wish to sample a few different juices, too, to decide which gives you the draw and/or flavor you seek.

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If trying out a vape pod appeals to you, vape pod starter kits are an excellent entry point, featuring all the necessary components as an all-in-one system. For any more questions involving buying and using vape pods, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team! Start shopping now!

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