This month, we’re taking you to heaven with the Blend of the Month! Get ready for a decadent treat, combining a deliciously rich range of flavors into one refreshing blend. June’s Blend of the Month is Heavenly Coco, and once you try it, you’ll be certain you have vaped your way through the gates of paradise. For the entire month, you have the privilege of scoring this delectable blend at 25% off, making it a treat worth splurging on! Get ready for a taste of bliss; this Blend of the Month is gonna take you there!


Heavenly Coco, our June Blend of the Month, is an amazing tropical vape. It offers a creamy, fruity, mellow taste that features a savory balance of flavors. It all starts off with sweet, luscious Banana Bash vape juice, blended with the creaminess of Caribbean Coconut for a base that is beyond rich and smooth. These flavors complement one another perfectly, wafting in and out of the vapor in silky waves. The flavor is then taken to new extremes with the addition of Fresh Mint, adding some cool, tingly refreshment to all those creamy layers. The result is a flavor that comes out to be entirely revitalizing, totally decadent, and perfectly balanced between the banana, coconut, and mint elements. Can we get a hell yeah?

Some flavors are all about the wake-up, some are about enjoying a decadent treat, and others are all about the chill-out, which is where Heavenly Coco lands. This flavor is cool and refreshing yet not too spunky or over-the-top. It’s got that creamy body that works so perfectly in vapor; it’s got a deliciously fruity base, and the perfect amount of mint to jazz it up and perk up your senses. If you want the ideal vape flavor to kick back and relax with, this is it!


If you haven’t gotten down with the Blend of the Month yet, now is your chance to do so. Our Blend of the Month is a special we roll out every month, shining a spotlight on a particular blend we think you should experience. As you know, we’ve got a massive collection of flavors to choose from and when it comes to blends, there are over 30,000 possibilities. How is a vaper to try them all? Well, we doubt it’s truly, humanly possible to vape them all, but you can start one-by-one and explore the options every month when we present the Blend of the Month!

Guys, our Blend of the Month is about that heavenly flavor. Heavenly Coco will transport you instantly to a more paradisiacal version of reality, waking up your senses and chilling you out just right. This delectable treat will be on special at 25% off for the entire month of June, and we hope you’re ready to get this one into your tanks so you can savor the unbelievably smooth vapor. Heaven awaits, vape fam! Grab it while you can!

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