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Vape pods are among the hottest items on the market because they offer the best combination of performance and convenience; hence why they’re so popular. Pods are amazing because they simplify the process of vaping, allowing you to have a very enjoyable experience without a whole lot of effort. They offer versatility, excellent portability, and lots of options to make them fit into your life and lifestyle. However, as awesome as pod systems are, it should be known that there’s a large array of devices out there, with a huge array of diversity in terms of quality.

In this regard, opting for the Aspire Cobble AIO Pod Kit is a fantastic choice as it offers the best of the best in terms of quality, functioning, and performance. Aspire has been an industry pillar of quality, creating products that excel in every way. Most people familiar with the vape industry know that the name Aspire means great products and awesome design; you’ll be getting simple concepts with excellent performance.

Aspire Cobble AIO Kit Color Selection
Photo courtesy: AspireCig.com

The first thing you may notice about the Aspire Cobble AIO is how cool it looks. There is no denying how stylish this device is! With a sleek, curved shape and fine ergonomics that were developed to fit the hand with ease and comfort, there is nothing out there that looks quite like this device. Additionally, its lightweight stature and feel add to comfort during usage. And the awesome thing is that the Cobble isn’t just about comfort and function; it’s also one of the most stylish and expressive devices out there in terms of color and visuals.

Aspire Cobble Drip Tip and E-Liquid Window
The Aspire Cobble Drip Tip and E-Liquid Window.

As for the performance, the Aspire Cobble AIO is as nice as it gets; this is a really innovative pod system that maximizes simplicity. It is quite easy to use, while the performance is ultimately incredible. There’s so much to appreciate about a device that requires the most minimal effort to achieve such a voracious level of performance. The Cobble is small, compact, and easy to transport. It features draw-activated firing, allowing for absolute ease when using it. It is an open pod system that uses bottom-filling pods with 1.8ml vape juice capacity. The device itself includes an internal 700 mAh battery, which offers the perfect level of power for consistently enjoyable vape sessions. The device runs on NiChrome coils with 1.4 ohm resistance for ample vapor production. A host of safety features are included, as well as LED indicators that alert you to battery levels.

The Aspire Cobble AIO Vape Pod Starter Kit is the device you need in your life if you’re after performance, convenience, and that unbeatable Aspire quality. This device goes everywhere with ease and does it in style while allowing for the easiest vaping and maintenance. You’ve got just one week to score this beauty at 10% off while it’s our Deal of the Week; get shopping and get it into your collection now!

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