The Deal of the Week is here, and we’ve got a mighty fine one for you today! Bringing endless style, amazing performance, and killer functioning, the Punk 220W TC vaporizer is going to be specially priced at just 10% off, making it the perfect time to score a rad mod at a really rad price. This is definitely a deal to get your hands on; stunning design and killer performance await you with the Tesla’s Punk 220W e-cigarette! One week starts now!

Tesla Punk 10% Off Vape Device

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Punk 220W Box Mod Features

The Tesla Punk 220W is a really smart mod. It was made for performance without chaos; delivering an experience that is both aesthetically pleasing and wildly enjoyable for a high-power mod. It’s definitely out of the box, in terms of style and appearance, and its performance level is pretty darn amazing. It boldly offers the ability to vape at up to 220 watts, with excellent additions such as TCR functionality, a bright OLED screen, memory function, and innovative taste control to up the enjoyment factor. The temperature control of this mod supports use with stainless steel, Ni200, and titanium coils.

Tesla Punk Box Mod Deal

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The attractive exterior is the first aspect of this mod that will strike you; it is cutting edge, unique, and just gorgeous. The Tesla Punk 220W is seriously sick-looking with its vintage-modern intricacies. Two thick panels of glass are fitted on the front and back of the device, enabling a clear-cut view of the detailed, steampunk-like circuitry design. Though at first, you may be wondering about the safety and durability of such a feature on a handheld device, these glass panels are not easily damaged. Overall, the Punk 220W vaping device was made for daily use and it does not require excessive tenderness. Enhancing the appearance even further, a subtle LED light is included, providing just the right amount of brilliance to make this mod even more eye-catching. Included on the Punk 220W temperature-controlled vape is a magnetic battery door that slides off entirely for convenient battery replacement.

Punk Temperature Control Mod for Sale

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In terms of performance features, the Tesla Punk 220W mod offers a very basic, simplistic approach, resulting in a mod that is very easy to use. Information is clearly and easily displayed, which enables users to get where they’re going quickly. Navigation is a smooth and intuitive transition and coordinating all adjustments for wattage, resistance, preheat, voltage, coil type, etc. is easily done, allowing you to get things just where you want them without a fuss. Wattage increments are adjusted easily by 0.5 ohms, which allows for simple yet effective and efficient setting. Well-constructed control buttons make for easy configuring without trouble or needing excessive pressing to set them. It’s these little details that amount to a mod that is beyond exciting to use.

Tesla Punk Ecig Special Offer

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Included with Your New Tesla Punk 220W Mod

  • 1 x Tesla Punk 220W MOD
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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Powerful, stylish beyond words, highly performance-friendly, and made for action without complications, the Tesla Punk is a phenomenal mod, and as our Deal of the Week, it’s coming at you at the tantalizing price of 10% off this week. You can’t go wrong with this one; between the quality and the incredible design details, this mod was made for enjoyment at every level; get yours today! Shop VaporFi Australia for accessories, devices, and e-liquids.

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