VaporFi Australia – Vape Juice: How It’s Made

Flavouring for E-Juice: How it’s Made

VaporFi Australia - Vape Juice: How It's Made

Here at VaporFi, we stock a great range of premium-quality e-liquids that are all FDA-approved. We stand by all of our vape juice flavors, and encourage vapers of all experience levels to try them. But if you’re the inquisitive type, you may be wondering, “What exactly is flavoring for e-juice, and how is it made?”

Whether you’re curious because you care about what you put in your body, or because you want to experiment with making your own flavours from natural ingredients, we have the answers for you.

What’s In Your Vape Juice?

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Of course, before we can make an e-liquid flavour, we must gather all the necessary ingredients and balance their flavor profiles. Most vape juice contains the following ingredients:

    1. Vegetable glycerin

Often called VG, this is a fairly viscous liquid that typically delivers a strong throat hit.

    1. Propylene glycol

Usually called PG, it is thinner than VG and tends to result in bigger clouds but less of a flavor hit. Mixing VG and PG in your homemade juice in different ratios will determine the vaping experience.

    1. Nicotine

While it is not necessary to add nicotine to e-liquids, many e-juice producers add a nicotine base to their DIY juice.

    1. Flavour extract

What’s an e-liquid without flavour? Whether we’re making Chocolate Delight or Strawberry Surprise, getting the right flavour extracts is key.

    1. Distilled water

This is optional, but some vapers like to add distilled water to their juice to thin it out, especially if it contains a lot of VG.

An Example of a Popular E-Juice Flavour Recipe

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Every e-juice flavour has its own unique recipe, whether it’s tobacco, menthol, or fruit-flavoured, so there’s no single solution to making e-juice flavours. But to show you an example of an e-juice flavour recipe, let’s review how a dessert e-liquid like chocolate is made:

  • First, mix two tablespoons of cocoa with 30ml of propylene glycol in a bowl. This is the beginning of your base e-juice flavour concentrate.
  • Use a cloth to make a filter tunnel and insert it into a glass so that you can strain the concentrate.
  • Heat the concentrate carefully for only five seconds in a microwave.
  • Pour this heated mixture into your filter funnel and wait until it is all drained into the bottom of the glass. Have patience at this point!
  • The trick is to have a clear liquid that has no solids in it, so check it at this point. If there are solids, you’ll need to filter it again.
  • The final step is to add your nicotine base to the extract (if you prefer to do so) and stir!

The VaporFi Difference & Why More People Choose Us

At VaporFi, we’re ready to help you create your very own flavours to enjoy with our do-it-yourself e-juice blender! You choose the flavor ingredients and their strength, along with the PG/VG ratio, and we prepare the delicious e-juice for you. Check it out today!

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