While you’re out enjoying some fun in the sun the last thing you want is to find your vaporizer full of sand from the beach. Getting sand in the buttons and around the connectors could make for a very unpleasant experience.

5 Ways to Protect Your Vape From Beach Sand

Here are five simple ways you can protect your vape while you’re out on those gorgeous Australian beaches.

  1. Get a Case
  2. Keeping your vaporizer tucked away in a carrying case when not in use is a good way to protect it from getting any sand in the buttons or the mouthpiece. A vape travel case that you can zip or seal is best for this purpose, although a silicone sleeve can also help protect your device. 

  3. Protect Your Vape Batteries
  4. If you’re heading into the water and empty your pockets onto your beach towel – beware! The temperature of the sand itself can get incredibly high in direct sunlight, and even a towel or umbrella aren’t enough to protect your batteries from overheating.

    Make sure you check on your batteries frequently. If you notice that they are very hot, do not attempt to use them until they are back to normal temperature. 

    The best practice is to find somewhere that has been shaded all day to keep your batteries, or to put your batteries inside a moisture proof bag in a cooler.

    VaporFi Australia - 5 Ways to Protect Vaping Devices From Beach Sand ECig

  5. Be Mindful of Other People
  6. Leaving your gadget unattended on the beach is a great way to attract children and animals. As they run and play on the beach, they may kick up sand that finds its way into your device.

    If you are going to vape on the beach, pay attention to the people around you and practice good etiquette. Again, leaving it in a case is a good way to protect it even when you’re on a crowded beach full of kids. 

  7. Keep it Away From Water
  8. It should be obvious that you don’t want your vaporizer going for a swim, but beaches also come with plenty of other water hazards. From kids carrying buckets of water to the showers and unexpected waves, make sure that your vaporizer is in a place where no accidental spills will turn into disaster. 

  9. Keep Some Basic Cleaning Tools On Hand
  10. In the event your vape drip tip gets filled with sand and you’re left with a grainy mess, you need to have some basic tools available to clean it up. Knowing how to clean your vape on the fly will make this a lot easier and quicker so you can get back to vaping right away. Carrying a small cleaning rag will help you wipe things down, but can also be used if you need to take the parts apart and rinse them out.

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Australia is a lovely place to vape on the beach, but it does come with hazards. Protecting your vape should be at the forefront of your mind as you head out to enjoy an afternoon of recreation on the sandy beaches.

Now is the time to invest in a quality vape case and a way to keep your batteries and cleaning tools safe. Don’t underestimate how little sand it takes to make your favorite vape perform poorly until it is completely cleaned out. VaporFi has all kinds of protective cases and tools for keeping your vape safe.

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