If you conduct a simple Internet search for “smoking and vaping,” odds are that you’ll come across a litany of articles arguing that vaping is a dangerous activity, equal in risk to traditional cigarette smoking. For many non-vapers, the fight against e-cigarettes is founded on their belief that this method of nicotine intake must be as bad – if not worse – than smoking cigarettes. However, thanks to a number of recent scientific studies and public health statements, the truth is coming to light: vaping is actually a far less harmful activity than smoking traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, concerns about vape juice flavors and the underage population are being outweighed by the potential for e-juice flavors to serve as a powerful smoking cessation tool.

As of August 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is supporting the use of vaping to stop smoking, confirming that while vape flavors may be of some concern for underage consumers, the benefits may far outweigh the risks.

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What are the Concerns about Flavoured Vape Juice?

Many critics of vaping have pointed to its potential for attracting teen consumers, much like tobacco cigarettes. According to the FDA, about 90 percent of adult smokers in the U.S. picked up the habit before the age of 18, so the concerns are not necessarily unfounded. The argument is that flavored cigarettes tend to be the first form of cigarette smoking that teens experiment with, and therefore flavored vape juice may hold the same appeal.

Further, because a range of e-juice flavors can mask the flavor of tobacco, it could possibly make vaping more desirable for young people. Another area of concern for critics is the possibility that the vaping industry could utilize youth-targeted marketing to advertise flavored vape juices, thus increasing the number of young people trying vaping before legally permitted.

What are the Benefits of Flavored E-Juice?

The harmful effects of cigarettes are well-proven, and doctors generally agree that any safe cessation method is a step in the right direction towards your health and well-being. Using FDA-approved nicotine replacement products doubles the rate of cessation success, supporting public health officials’ goal to support smokers in their efforts to make the switch.

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An August 2018 statement from the FDA said the following about e-cigarettes:

We recognize that nicotine… is delivered through products posing a continuum of risk – with combustible cigarettes at one end, to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products at the other. We’re working on multiple fronts to recognize the role that more novel forms of nicotine delivery could play in achieving our public health goals [which includes] encouraging innovation of potentially less harmful tobacco products for those adults who still seek to use nicotine (such as e-cigarettes).

With e-cigarettes emerging as an excellent option for those looking to stop smoking, the FDA has also noted that flavored vape juices are becoming a major factor in former smokers’ success. In addition to flavors that can recreate the traditional smoking experience, such as tobacco and menthol, there are also thousands of other appealing flavors to make vaping more attractive than cigarettes.

FDA Remarks: Summarized

While the FDA recognizes concerns about underage vaping, the general consensus is that vaping flavors serve as a major factor in successful efforts to reducing cigarette use. Because of this, the focus has shifted away from eliminating flavored vape juices, and instead towards developing appropriate regulations to prevent underage use of e-juice and vape devices.

Using Flavored Vape Juice to Stop Smoking

According to the Center for Disease Control, about 70 percent of U.S. adult smokers want to kick the habit – an impressive number that’s fairly consistent in many developed countries around the world. If you’re one of the millions of people worldwide considering eliminating cigarettes from your life, odds are that you’re aware of the monumental challenge ahead. For many former smokers, the pull of a cigarette addiction is one that leads to plenty of failed attempts and frustration. However, vaping is becoming an increasingly popular method, often yielding long-term success – and it may just be your ticket out of your pack-a-day habit.

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