Understanding how a vape pen works is paramount to creating a great vaping experience. Until you understand how all the parts work, it is tough to set up your e-cig the way you like and experiment with different vaping styles. This guide will walk you through the more delicate points of how electronic cigarettes function.

How do Vape Pens Work?

A vape device is made up of two parts: the battery and the tank. The battery is usually a self-contained unit that is sealed inside the base of the vaporizer and has a firing button on the front. Most modern electronic pens are rechargeable, so they either screw onto a charger or have a port for a charger.

The tank is where the real action happens. Inside the tank is an atomizer coil which is used to turn the liquid e-juice into vapor. The tank also contains airflow holes that allow you to draw on the device. Finally, at the top of the tank is the mouthpiece where you will take your inhale.

When you screw the tank onto the battery base, it forms a connection between the battery and the coil inside. To use the device, you hold it up to your mouth, press the button, and inhale. This causes the coil to heat up, instantly turning some of the e-liquid into vapor form at the same time that air from the airflow ports flows through, pulling the vapor up the chimney to your mouth.

Important Features

There are several important features to note about your e-cigarette. First, the coil is used to turn the liquid to vapor form, but it does not cause combustion. This is why vaporizers as a whole stand out from cigarettes, cigars, and other smokable products where the dry herb material is actually burnt.

In addition, many vaporizing devices are built so that you can customize your experience by changing the type of atomizer coil that is inside your tank. By adjusting the resistance of the coil or the number of coils used together, you can change the temperature and speed at which your liquid is turned to vapor. This can affect the fullness of the vapor cloud, the strength of the flavor, and the potency of the nicotine. Now that you know how e-pens work, you can make informed decisions about what to change when you want a new experience.

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