Smok Novo X

Everything You Need to Know About the SMOK Novo X

If you’re looking to take pod system vaping to the next level, you must check out the new Novo X from SMOK. Offering stand-out MTL vaping and a compact frame, the Novo X is the perfect balance of functionality and portability. Keep reading to find out why Novo X could be the perfect new device for you. 


SMOK Novo X Features 


The Novo X is very similar to the SMOK Novo and Novo 2. So if you liked those models, you will probably love the Novo X. It’s a little larger than the Novo 2, measuring 92 mm tall. Its width is 26.5 mm, its 16.5 mm thin, and it weighs about 50 grams. It’s perfect for a grab and go lifestyle, fitting easily into pockets, small bags, or compartments of your car. 


With a singular power button, the SMOK X uses a trigger system that allows users to turn the device on, off, and increase or decrease power strength. To start vaping with the SMOK X, you simply inhale through the mouthpiece to activate the firing mechanism. 

It has an 800 mAh battery and an adjustable power range of 1-25 W, giving you ample charge for vaping all day long. 


OLED Display and Safety Features 


If you like to know all of the technical details and status of your vape, then you’ll really like the Novo X – it’s the first Novo device to have an OLED display. The small screen tells you crucial data like wattage setting, battery status, pod resistance, and current. 


The Novo X also offers important safety features to help you vape with ease:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Atomizer recognition
  • Lithium-ion protection
  • 8-second cut off


What Pods Should I Use with the SMOK Novo X? 


The pod of the SMOK Novo X can hold 2 mL of e-liquid and you can only use SMOK replacement Novo X pods for this device. These pods offer a terrific hit, with dual coils and super high flavor retention. 


The pod set-up also offers a unique two-way airflow channel. Its U-shape design increases the air inflow giving you a smooth intake of vapor with a pleasurable throat hit. 


Additionally, Novo X’s MTL coil helps deliver the purest taste from your preferred e-juice. You’ll get the most out of each inhale along with a super satisfying mouthfeel. 


The SMOK Novo X Starter Kit 


With the Novo X vape pod starter kit, you get everything you need for a prime SMOK X experience. 


With your starter kit purchase, you’ll receive:

  • 1 Novo X device
  • 1 Novo X dual coil 0.8ohm MTL pod (2mL)
  • 1 Novo X single-mesh 0.8ohm pod (2mL)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 user manual


Stylize Your Novo X


One of the most fun parts of buying a new device is personalizing it. There are 8 color and design options for your Novo X. 


You can choose from SMOK’s signature cobra design in a variety of colors, like the classic Silver or Blue Cobra. 


Or, choose from two other designs: stabilizing wood and resin. All come in unique color combinations, offering you subtle options or ones that are more attention-grabbing. 


The Latest and Greatest 


If you’re wanting to step up your pod system game, the Novo X is for you. From its compact size to its serious battery life, to the maximized airflow, odds are that you will love this newest addition to the SMOK family. 


With awesome starter kits and 3 pack replacement pods, VaporFi has everything that you need for your Novo X. Shop for one of the best new pod systems today. 

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