Express; the name hints at a certain level of speed and efficiency, does it not? Well, that’s exactly what the VaporFi Express is all about and this week, all Express products coming at you as our Deal of the Week at the killer price of 15% off! How’s that for kicking off the New Year? Start shopping vape fam, this is a deal to grab and it is too good to pass up! One week starts now!

The VaporFi Express offers a cutting-edge design that was created to be comfortable, versatile, and as similar to a traditional cigarette as possible. It is simple to use, convenient, and totally reliable. While many people wonder if vaping is actually as satisfying as smoking, our take on it is YES! Even more so because you get to call the shots; what flavor you want, how much nicotine you want, how long to smoke for instead of running through an entire cigarette every time you get an urge… catch my drift?

VaporFi Express E Cigarette Starter Kit Bundle
The VaporFi Express E Cigarette Starter Kit Bundle

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There are lots of options when it comes to the VaporFi Express, and you can tailor the products to fit your needs. There are two different battery sizes, which allow you to opt between more battery power in a larger size, or a small, more compact size if you need more versatility rather than battery capacity. The Rechargeable Standard size battery is 180 mAh in capacity, offering quite some power for such a small device, and it measures 2.5 inches in length. The Rechargeable High Capacity battery is a bit more intense; it has 280 mAh capacity and it is 3.5 inches in length. Both come in manual or automatic switching, offering another level of choice so you get the type of performance you’re after. Both batteries are industry leaders for their power, however, so either way, it’s safe to say you’re getting the very best out there.

In terms of accessories, it’s super important to know that you’ve got options when it comes to using your VaporFi Express e-cigarettes. You have a great variety when it comes to the cartridges you use, as well. You can use the pre-filled cartridges that make things as simple as possible; just pop a new one in whenever you run out of juice and you’re good to go. You’ve got the option of refillable cartridges, as well, in addition to Express Mini-Clear Cartomizers, if you’d like a more tank-like option. See what we mean when we say you’ve got lots to choose from when it comes to making the performance personalized?

VaporFi MINI-CLEAR Clearomizer Tank (3 Pack)
The VaporFi MINI-CLEAR Clearomizer Tank (3 Pack)

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If you’ve been contemplating making the switch to vaping, or if your New Year’s resolution involves going full-in on swapping out smoke for vapor, this is your chance to do so at a seriously good price. The VaporFi Express line of e-cigarette products has been a go-to in the industry for years, giving smokers and part-time vapers the products they need to confidently go in the direction of their smoke-free dreams. This Deal of the Week is anything but coincidence; we know many people are aiming to make 2019 their best yet and starting off on the right foot without smoke and a totally awesome alternative is the best way to do it!

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