Greetings, vape fam! We’ve got something so good, it’s scary this week as our Deal of the Week! In the big lead up to what will surely be a spooktacular Halloween, we’ve got a wicked set of deals on our Halloween Treats E-Liquids! That’s right, it isn’t even the 31st yet, and we’ve got all the treats coming at ya! These goodies are so fine indeed, you won’t even have to trick-or-treat for them!

Check Out These E-juice Deals!

For this week only, we are offering 20% off on a range of flavors, just in time to ensure your vaping is freakishly good during this most spooky time of year! So grab your costumes and be prepared for some tasty goodness; no tricks and plenty of treats are coming your way! Here is a look at all the awesomeness you need to get your hands on; it’s gonna be flavor for days! You won’t even be craving the wrapped up chocolates and lollies after you get a load of these liquids!

Hot Cinnamon Vape Juice

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Hot Cinnamon

Some like it hot, and this flaming candy-inspired treat is all about bringing the heat. Think of those red, hot candies you popped like potato chips back in your youth; yup, there’s a sweet cinnamon taste plus the perfect amount of fire. It’s smooth and spicy when vaped; consider yourself warned!

Silly Taffy E-Liquid

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Silly Taffy

Smooth, fruity, creamy, and totally sweet, this flavor captures the unmistakable taste of taffy! Blue Razzle Berry, Cotton Candy, and Yummy Gummy are deliciously combined to wow your taste buds with a bold blast of airy, sweet candy!

Candy Corn E Juice

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Candy Corn

Like the candy it was crafted after, this flavor offers up a smooth, sweet, slightly-spiced flavor that is perfect for the Halloween season!

Fire & Ice Gum Vape Juice

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Fire & Ice Gum

Some say the world will end in fire… some in ice… however it goes, we know this flavor is totally delicious with its icy chill and flaming heat. Perfect for anyone who desires an extreme, candy-enriched taste!

Blue Razzle Berry Flavoring

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Blue Razzle Berry

Sweet and tart blue raspberry is a candy-lovers dream with its range of notes and full-on raspberry taste. More candy than a true-to-form raspberry, this taste kicks things up a few notches with its deliciousness!

Rainbow Drops Vape Liquids

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Rainbow Drops

Drops of rainbow candy? Who can resist? Tangy fruit, berries, a touch of citrus, plus a whole lotta candy-sugary-sweetness makes this one of the most delicious candy tastes out there!

Candy Sugar Stix e-Juice

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Candy Sugar Stix

The flavor of tart sugar; what could be more delightfully fun that savoring the vapor that’s both sweet and a little bit tangy? No gritty texture, but all the delicious flavor in the form of vapor wafting over your tongue!

Tart N' Sweet Vapor Juice

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Tart N’ Sweet

Because all sweet would get boring fast! This candy-inspired e-juice offers up all the sweet you can handle with the addition of just the right touch of tart to balance it out, making it utterly crave-worthy!

Yummy Gummy E-cig Flavor

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Yummy Gummy

Yummy gummies; the name says it all! This flavor is all about the magic of gummy bears, and if you’d prefer to not go gluttonously nuts on the real thing, this flavor offers a whole new way to enjoy that taste.

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We happen to love a festive celebration, so we’ve got all the treats for you starting this week! All these rad, candy-inspired tastes are going to be 20% off for this week only! Stock up and get ready to bring some damn good flavor with you on all of your costumed escapades! What would Halloween be without candy, desserts, parties, and costumes? Yeah, no fun at all! Shop for all of your vaping needs on VaporFi Australia.

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