Greetings, vapers! This week, the Deal of the Week is coming at you hot! We’ve got the Tesla TPOD AIO Pod Vape Starter Kit on sale at 10% off, and this setup for this price is too good to miss. If you’ve been searching for the ultimate pod vaporizer system, this is the one to get your hands on! So start shopping, you’ve got just one week to score it!

Tesla TPOD AIO Pod Vape Starter Kit

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Why Go with the TPOD AIO?

If you have yet to get down with a pod device, now is your chance to experience the awesomeness. Pods are all about simplicity, without losing out on performance. They are a hybrid of sorts, as they are built for ease of use, enabling the user to vape conveniently. More powerful than a basic e-cigarette, and not quite as in-depth or intense as a mod, these devices allow you to easily refill your pods with the liquids of your choice and change them as needed. The process is seamless and made to deliver a great experience, and considering how popular this style of vaping has become, it’s evident why everyone is on the pod bandwagon.

The Tesla TPOD AIO Pod Vape Starter Kit is a really well-designed, smart, versatile pod setup, and it outdoes most of the pod systems on the market. It offers some of the finest performance possible for a pod, with great power, and overall excellent quality. And while it excels in delivering a great experience, the whole system was made for ease of use. Included are the Tesla TPOD AIO Starter Kit and one Tesla Pod Cartridge, allowing you to savor it all when vaping without much effort.

Tesla TPOD AIO Pod Vape Starter Kit Pods

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TPOD Features

The Tesla TPOD system was made for convenient performance, and when you factor in Tesla’s excellence for great vape gear, they really know what their audience is after. Many pod systems on the market dumb down the vape process, and for those who are used to a higher level of performance, it can be a bit too mild. This setup, on the other hand, executes great vaping with total ease of use, making it ideal for beginners and experienced vapers alike who want real vaping without a mission to get there. The TPOD is a high-performance all-in-one system, centered around a built-in 500mAh battery. The exterior of this device is constructed of a high-quality, durable zinc alloy that enables easy usage and great traveling. The pods offer a 2ml e-liquid capacity, which goes a very long way without requiring constant refills.

Additional features of the Tesla TPOD are its massive 1.4″ color screen, which allows for easy access to all of your details such as puff count, battery life, voltage output, and firing time. Navigation throughout is simple, which means you can get where you need to without a major process. Basically, just fill your pod, insert it, and vape away; it’s that simple!

If you’ve been searching for the ultimate pod style vape, the Tesla TPOD AIO Pod Vape Starter Kit was made to deliver. Featuring Tesla quality and performance, along with unbeatable construction and features, this is among the finest pod systems out there. This week, while it’s our Deal of the Week, you can score it at 10% off. So start shopping, guys; you’ve got one week!

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