Any serious vaper has heard of DNA and Yihi, and many vapers have a strong preference toward one or the other. If you aren’t familiar with the two chipsets, now is a great time to start researching the major differences between the two so you can choose a vape mod that really fits your style and needs.

DNA or Yihi?

Here’s how DNA and Yihi chips differ.

Why Choose Yihi Mods?

For the average vaper, a Yihi mod is a very reliable choice. Yihi was first introduced to the market with their advanced high wattage chipsets, at a time when DNA was still only producing 40- and 75-watt chips. Yihi really set the bar by taking things up to 200+ watts. Yihi chips are also notably less expensive than DNA chips, which is why so many major vape brands rely on them today. DIY builders can pick up Yihi chips at a great price and install them by hand.

SX Mini G Class 200W TC Yihi MOD
SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box Yihi MOD

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Overall, Yihi’s chips are durable enough and have a good reputation across the board.

Why Choose DNA Chip Mods?

DNA has always been more of a premium brand when it comes to chips. They have focused on a lot of user customization features, which did not necessarily help them push the limits and reach the 200W mark any faster. However, for those who see their vaporizer as a fashion accessory, DNA chips really do give you more freedom to change the behavior and appearance of your mod.

Innokin iTaste SD20 Evolv DNA Kit
Innokin iTaste SD20 Evolv DNA Kit

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For instance, being able to switch your screen from left hand to right hand for easier reading, or being able to create a custom logo or wallpaper for your mod. When it comes to performance, DNA has also spent a bit more time on safety features and precision controls to make their systems easier to navigate and set up. If you’re looking for a luxury vaping experience, DNA mods certainly have something to offer.

In the debate between DNA versus Yihi, there is no one right choice. Both chipsets have proven themselves over the last decade, and they are widely trusted within the industry. Depending on your personal budget and the type of experience you want, out of your device, you can choose the best box mod for you.

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